Accent Chairs

Accent Chairs & Arm Chairs

Accent chairs are striking additions to dining room, living room, and bedroom decor. They also can act as statement pieces in entryways and long halls. Designed in various sizes, shapes, and patterns, accent chairs can suit any room. More

How to Choose Accent Chairs

Take your home to a level of style you've only ever dreamed of with a stylish new accent chair. The extensive and unique collection we carry is sure to please with standout designs and quality craftsmanship. Find various options in classic, traditional, contemporary or transitional looks. We'll be surprised if you don't find three or four pieces you'll want to display in your living room. Entertain your guests in style and always sit comfortably with our accent chairs.

Fitting in Your Room

Typically, accent chair sizes include small, standard and oversized. When incorporating a stylish accent chair into your living room, use an attention-grabbing statement piece. For placement around dining tables or in the nook of your bedroom, stick to chairs that are lightweight and take up less space.

Staying within Budget

Create a budget based on whether you want one accent chair, a matching pair, or an entire set. Often, sets are sold at reduced prices to encourage shoppers to purchase larger quantities. When you're only buying one chair, you'll want to compare prices of different sizes, styles, and fabrics, as these all factor into the cost. Assess how much you spent on your sofa or dining table, and then allot a smaller budget for a complementary accent piece. Accent chairs can be under $100, or as much as $200 or $300.

The Perfect Color & Style

Liven up your space with patterned or multi-colored accent chairs that combine tones from your existing furniture with contrasting hues for a subtle accent. Bold solid colors brighten up a room, while subdued neutrals blend easily into existing decor. Complete any of these charming looks by choosing the best style to match your room and color scheme.

When the other furniture lacks pizzazz, the best way to spice up your room is by adding a patterned accent chair. The pattern should pull colors from the other furniture but can bring in additional colors as well. A patterned accent chair can be a stellar focal point for a room or it can simply add a bit of depth. When you use a pattern well it showcases your eye for design, which will impress all of your guests.

For a contemporary feel and optimal comfort, check out slipper chairs, which are armless and low to the ground, or club chairs, which feature extra-deep, plush seats. Arm, swivel, and side chairs are classic and practical. Commonly, dining rooms benefit from slender side chairs, as these offer portable, stylish seating. Swivel chairs, which rotate with ease, and armchairs that offer refined elegance and side supports, look great in living rooms and dens. Accent chair colors include:

Picking Out the Fabric

Homeowners with young children or pets might opt for accent chairs with higher-quality durable materials such as leather and suede, as they often last longer and have a stronger resistance to stains. If you're looking for a simple decorative piece to be used infrequently, consider velvet, or less costly fabrics like Microfiber.

Complement nearly any color scheme with a sophisticated navy accent chair. This classic dark blue works beautifully to balance out warmer shades like chocolate or espresso creates contrast with cream or ivory sofas or pairs perfectly with furnishings in similar hues like admiral and indigo.

Browse this selection of navy accent chairs and find the perfect piece to complete your design. Outfit your traditional living room with an elegant arm chair featuring button tufting and nailhead trim. Prefer the contemporary look? Opt for a club chair with a polished metal base and plush velvet upholstery.