Microfiber Furniture

Microfiber Living Room Furniture

Get the look of velvet or suede for less with stylish and affordable Microfiber furniture. Crafted from scores of soft filaments thinner than silk, this fabric provides plush upholstery with a variety of benefits over luxury textiles. Along with its lower price tag, Microfiber furniture offers stain resistance and finishes from embossed to napped for just the right style.

Kid- and pet-friendly Microfiber furniture makes a smart choice for busy households. This tightly woven upholstery repels dander and dust mites for fresh seating that stays clean longer. Microfiber furniture also resists snags and scratches from animals or roughhousing kids, making these comfy pieces a place for the whole family to gather.

Our collection of Microfiber furniture supplies just what you need for fashion and function. Shop individual sofas, loveseats, and recliners for extra seating, or choose a sectional Microfiber furniture set to outfit your entire space in one easy step. Simply add a few chic Microfiber benches, ottomans and accent chairs in vibrant colors, and your design is complete.