Red, Gray & White Living Room

Red, Gray & White Furniture Color Schemes & Decorating Ideas

Statement colors often incite specific emotions. For example, red can evoke passion or romance in one setting, while it may look warm, spicy or cozy in others. Pairing this bold hue with neutral gray and white decor elevates red furnishings while balancing the drama.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetCindy Crawford living room set with red leather sofa, loveseat and chair
Tufted sofa, loveseat and chair upholstered in dark red leather with white accent pillows and centered around a gray rug.

The red leather furniture in this living room brings boldness to a monochrome design. Gray and white decor also adds dimension with unique shapes and textures. The angular, modern coffee table and gray knotted rug lend the room subtle depth and visual interest.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetCindy Crawford living room set with red sectional sofa and ottoman
Red sectional sofa with tufted cushions and matching ottoman on a white rug.

Accent pieces, like the comic print pillows, primary accent color touches and plush white rug in this photo draw immediate attention to the red sectional sofa. Decorating with red can feel risky, but adding fun textures and print elements instantly turns on the charm.

Corbin Living Room SetCorbin living room set with red reclining sofa and loveseat
Reclining sofa and loveseat upholstered in red suede fabric and positioned around a wooden coffee table on a white and gray rug.

This gray ombre rug and soft coral seating set create a dramatic furniture duo. The vivid red and gray decor is grounded by neutral embellishments such as simple white walls, white patterned pillows, rich brown tables and modern lamps.

Madison Place Living Room SetMadison Place living room set with red sectional, beige chair and ottoman
Red tufted sectional with beige chair and ottoman, wooden end table set with matching beige lamps.

Solid-colored furniture with a simple design has contemporary appeal and fits well with many decor choices. In the living room above, the simple profile of the couch is the perfect companion for the white fur cushion and colorful zigzag pillows. Gray and white decor pieces, such as the lamps and rug, frame the set perfectly.

Sunset Boulevard Living Room SetSunset Boulevard living room set with red sofa and loveseat
Dark red sofa and loveseat with white and beige accent pillows, complemented by a modern coffee and end table set.

A muted burgundy couch and love seat surrounded by sleek glass and wood furniture bring a chic twist to the traditional living room. Geometric designs repeated in the red and gray decor above add a distinctly modern touch.

Congress Street Living Room SetCongress Street living room set with red sectional
Red sectional with tufting detail, paired with a modern glass-top coffee table on a zebra-pattern rug.

This room's design is all about curves and lines. Each piece of red, gray and white decor carries the theme of soft curves meeting straight edges. This space works because every accent piece follows the same motif. The strong color contrast between the scarlet couch, white walls and dark tables shows off these architectural shapes to their best effect.

Sofia Vergara Living Room SetSofia Vergara living room set with tufted red sofa, loveseat and chair
Tufted red sofa with matching loveseat and chair surrounding a glass coffee table on a white rug.

Set against gray and white decor, this tufted, lipstick red living room set is a callback to Hollywood's heyday. The use of different textures creates depth and warmth in an otherwise neutral color scheme. A plush, white rug and pearl-finished lamps add even more sparkle to this glamorous design.

Using Red Decor

Decorating a living room with red, gray and white allows you to emphasize major pieces of furniture and take a few decorating risks without overwhelming the space. Great for design beginners and experienced decorators alike, this attractive color scheme has something for everyone.