Green & Gray Living Room

Green & Gray Furniture Color Schemes & Decorating Ideas

Using green and gray decor together produces looks that can feel natural, charming or chic. Depending on the hues and accent pieces in the room, these cool colors evoke a vast number of moods and styles.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetCindy Crawford living room set with dark gray sofa and loveseat
Dark gray reclining sofa with green accent pillows and matching loveseat.

Stately ash gray leather furniture could easily feel stuffy without a little lime green decor to bring in some contrast. As a result, this space feels crisp and bright rather than dark or somber.

Cobble Heights Living Room SetCobble Heights living room set with teal green sofa and loveseat
Teal green sofa and loveseat with tufted button backs on a gray rug.

Soft, teal green and gray decor bring an effortless calm to the open space above. The apricot and olive green leaf-print pillows and dark wood tables also add a subtle nod to nature.

Cypress Gardens Living Room SetGray sofa set with gray and green leaf printed accent pillows, gray framed wall art with hints of green and a round gray framed mirror.
Classic gray sofa set accented with gray and green leaf printed pillows, gray framed wall art with hints of green and a round gray framed mirror.

Against white walls, the cloud-gray living room set pictured here would lose impact without layered patterns of green decor. By contrasting complex prints against a simple, solid hue, neutral-colored furniture becomes more visually intriguing.

Sage Advice

When decorating a living room with green and gray, there is plenty of room to experiment with accent colors, motifs and patterns. Lighten up deep gray decor with crisp green hues or bring light-hued furniture to the forefront with colorful patterns. Reimagine almost any space with varying shades of gray and green decor.