Blue, Brown, & Gray Living Room

Blue, Brown, & Gray Furniture Color Schemes & Decorating Ideas

Decorating with gray is a popular choice because this hue has many different undertones. Adding shades of gray to blue and brown decor is a savvy style choice because all three have a neutral yet earthy feel. When using these hues, think about how they appear in nature to help with your design.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetBlue tufted sectional with brown and blue accent pillows, brown leather ottoman on a blue, brown and gray rug.
Blue tufted sectional accented with blue and gray pillows, paired with a brown circular ottoman on a blue, brown and gray rug.

Using a sapphire blue sofa in your space will make that color the focal point. In the example photo, blues and browns in the wall art mimic the print cushions, creating a pleasing visual balance. The walnut brown ottoman and gray, blue and brown rug anchor the space and tie the look together.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetLight blue tufted sectional with blue and brown accent pillows, matching chairs, and a brown tufted ottoman on a blue, brown and gray rug.
Contemporary light blue tufted sectional with blue & brown accent pillows combined with matching chairs and a brown tufted ottoman.

When decorating with blue, brown and gray, pay close attention to tone. Along with a light blue sectional, the blue and brown pillows and matching chair pictured here create an easy sense of flow throughout the room that is echoed in the rug. The colors work together to create a serene living space.

Corinne Living Room SetBlue reclining sofa set with brown matching tables on a gray rug.
Blue reclining sofa set combined with glass-top wood tables with brown accent lamps on a gray throw rug.

Warm and cool hues harmonize in this room. The mix of light and dark brown decor and accent tables provide the perfect frame for this royal blue sectional. The addition of cloud gray decor, like the rug and blanket, temper the sofa and offer a feeling of expansion and space.

Lucan Living Room SetBlue sofa set with blue, brown and gray accent pillows, brown wrought iron glass-topped tables on a brown rug.
Classic blue sofa set with blue, brown & gray accent pillows paired with brown wrought iron tables and a brown rug.

Accent pillows can create visual movement and flow. In this living space, blue and brown print pillows mimic the elegant, curved bronze metal legs of the tables as well as the rounded petals in the wall art. Brown and gray hues in the rug and wall make the perfect backdrop without overpowering the design.

Milano Living Room SetBlue leather reclining sofa set and oval glass top wood tables on a blue, brown and gray rug.
Blue plush leather sofa set paired with glass-top wood tables on a blue, brown and gray rug.

This room provides an excellent example of adding warmth to blue and gray tones while keeping a subdued look. Golden brown decor, like the curtains and animal print pillow, add richness to this crisp, cool space. At the same time, the rug and wall art cleverly carry the dynamic stripe motif throughout.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetBrown leather sofa set with blue and brown accent pillows, blue wall art, gray metal glass-top tables and a blue, brown and gray rug.
Luxurious brown tufted leather sofa set with glass-top metal tables, blue wall art and a blue, brown and gray throw rug.

Mixing clean lines and soft curves brings comfort and calm to this design's blue, brown and gray decor. The luxurious brown leather sectional brings a tactile suppleness to the room, while cool blue tones, a sand-colored accent wall and matte gray tables evoke a tranquil mood.

Piedmont Living Room SetGray sectional couch with blue and gray accent pillows, gray tufted ottoman, and brown wooden end tables on a gray rug.
Gray sectional with brass nailhead details accented with blue and gray pillows, brown end tables and a gray rug.

Intricate patterns and deep blue and brown decor bring this ash-gray sectional to the next level. Jewel-tone blue accents in the pillows and art pop amid warm mocha brown and gray hues.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetTraditional gray sofa set paired with glass-topped brown wood tables on an aqua blue rug.
Gray sofa with matching loveseat and chair, paired with brown wood tables on an aqua blue rug.

Arctic blue and gray decor with a dash of chartreuse makes the space pictured above feel fresh and vibrant. Deep chocolate brown tables complete the design with a hint of nature and plenty of charm.

Natural Vibes

Decorating a living room with blue, brown and gray can make it feel natural, soothing and inviting. Consider matching motifs and patterns to give your space a sense of harmony within a serene setting of brown, gray and blue decor.