Black, Gray, & Red Living Room

Black, Gray, & Red Furniture Color Schemes & Decorating Ideas

Decorating a living room with red, black and gray is a bold, modern choice. While black and gray make a striking palette on their own, red decor adds glamour and warmth. Whether muted or bright, shades of these three colors make a stunning combination that is sure to wow your guests.

Crescent Valley Living Room SetRed reclining couch with chrome mirror-topped table on a red and gray rug.
Red reclining theater-style couch paired with a chrome mirror-top table in a home movie theater setting.

While many choose couches in safe and easy-to-match neutral colors, decorating a living room with a red couch shows your willingness to take design risks for a big visual payoff. In the room above, red couches pop in a space replete with charcoal, black and light gray accents. A gray rug flecked with red ties the room's color scheme together.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetRed tufted sectional with chaise, comic printed accent pillows, matching red tufted ottoman.
Contemporary tufted red sectional with bold comic printed accent pillows paired with a black end table and black vase.

The contemporary black and gray decor pictured above also features a lipstick red couch and accents of yellow and blue. Not only do these primary colors pick up on the comic book design of the graphic accent pillows, but they suit the contemporary style of the space.

Neutrals in the black color family often have a sleek, cool and modern look, as opposed to warm and traditional browns. Easily implement this cutting-edge style by choosing dramatic red accents.

Kingvale Living Room SetRed plush reclining sofa set with lighted cup holders, arm rest storage, matching tables with black decor, on a gray rug.
Plush red reclining sofa set with lighted cup holders & storage in armrests, paired with matching end tables on a gray rug.

Decorating with red furniture can also make a dark space more inviting. In the inspiration photo, red and gray decor creates a stunning play of opposites. Cool, sophisticated gray walls and rug get a boost of intrigue and warmth from a bright red sofa set. The more neutral the backdrop, the more of an impact a bold tone like red will make.

Kingvale Living Room SetBlack reclining couch set, chrome end tables, red rectangular ottoman on a black and white rug.
Black plush reclining couch set with power reclining head rests and chaise style footrests matched with a red ottoman and chrome-based end tables.

Red is a powerful color, so just a dash might be all you need. In the living room pictured, decorating with black in a gray space and adding red accents keeps the energy high without becoming too overwhelming.

Using red in a supporting role will also make redecorating a snap when you are ready for a change. Simply swap out the featured red ottoman and repaint the walls to create a whole new look on a shoestring budget.

Congress Street Living Room SetRed leather sectional with black and gray pillows, and a black and white rug
Red leather sectional with black and gray accent pillows combined with glass-top tables and an animal printed rug.

Different shades of red decor work with various design styles. Glossy and bright red furniture integrates well with contemporary or modern spaces. On the other hand, more subdued reds with a matte finish complement rustic, vintage or traditional decorations.

The living room above mixes contemporary and classic styles thanks to the choice of couch. Low-shine leather and a calm, berry-red shade pairs with wood accents and an animal print rug for a soft, natural look. Gray and black toss pillows, abstract art and glass-topped tables keep the room from feeling too traditional.

Bexley Square Living Room SetRed sectional with matching ottoman, black framed wall art, and a gray and red rug.
Stylish red sectional with subtle tufting and matching ottoman combined with black framed wall art and a gray and red rug.

Decorating with black draws the eye in gray and red spaces. In the pictured room, black framed images stand out against gray walls and a muted red sofa. Because black is neutral, it's easy to forget how dramatic accents in this color can be.

Corbin Living Room SetRed reclining sofa set with red and gray accent pillows, black and white lamps, and a black and gray rug.
Red reclining sofa set with red and white accent pillows combined with black lamps and a black and gray rug.

Black, gray and red decor is also an excellent way to spice up neutral walls and floors. As pictured above, a cinnamon red couch along with a black and gray area rug infuses some flavor into a standard, square white room.

Black, Gray and Red All Over

Whether you choose sophisticated scarlet or cheerful cherry, decorating with red makes a strong statement in black and gray living rooms. When you select the right shades and color placement, this striking combination is an easy way to achieve vibrant interior design.