Living Room Inspiration

Choosing the Right Color Scheme for Your Living Room

There's a reason why designers spend so much time choosing the color decorating scheme for a room. The right or wrong combinations of hues can influence how people experience your living space. Color schemes can unify living room decor, create a particular mood, or enhance your room's positive features.

For example, living room color schemes may contrast warm and cool colors to make small spaces pop or focus on neutrals for a calming vibe. Regardless of your goal, there are plenty of options available for decorating with color on

Pairing Colors

We've created a bank of color pairings that work in a variety of spaces to make your choices easy. Simply browse through our inspiration pages for decorating with color to find the combination that suits your style and room.

Where Do I Need Color?

Once you've decided on a living room color scheme, your next step is choosing which shades go where. Our color scheme inspiration pages help you know the right ratios for using color as well as where to concentrate your boldest or most subdued hues.