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An often underappreciated yet critical part of any home workspace, office cabinets keep you organized while containing the clutter. Beyond function, these storage heavyweights can add style and appeal to your in-home office, helping you keep on top of important papers while enhancing your interior decor. More

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Finding the best option for your personal workstation can seem challenging based on the size and selection available. Here are some guidelines to help you to find the right fit.

How to Choose the Best Home Office Cabinets

Choosing a home office cabinet can be difficult depending on your budget, requirements and space. Spend some time first to determine how you will use your cabinet; think about your purpose and storage needs. Additionally, you’ll want to consider the construction materials and any need for security of your stored contents.


An office where you pay household bills and track tax documents will have different needs than one used for a small business or work-from-home job. File protection is critical for work-at-home office cabinets. In addition, an organized space is a necessity for those who may have visiting clients.

Storage Needs

For a household office, consider how much space you'll need for personal and financial records. Either a three-drawer vertical or two-drawer lateral home office cabinet could fit the bill.

For a work-at-home office, consider ways to keep both personal and business documents separated. A tall office cabinet with interior shelves and a lockable door might be a good option for company files and devices.

Other Considerations

The goal is to find a home office cabinet that is stylish, safe and secure. Think about the factors listed below before making your purchase:


Metal home office cabinets are popular since they are sturdy and can last for decades; however, dents and scratches can be hard to fix or conceal. Lower-end metal filing cabinets tend to come in drab colors and can have a very utilitarian look. However, if you are willing to spend more, you can also find metal cabinets with a sleek contemporary appeal.

Cabinets made from stained or painted wood are more versatile for decor. This style of cabinet can enhance the look of your home workspace and give it a warmer, more personal style. Less expensive options will show more wear and tear over time, however, and may need to be replaced much sooner than a metal cabinet. Invest in solid wood cabinets for longevity.


Safety isn’t necessarily the first thing you think about with home office cabinets, but this can be a serious issue. File cabinets with uneven weight distribution can fall, causing injury. Look for pieces with interlocking features that prevent tipping when drawers are open. Tall cabinets should also include tip-resistant wall brackets.


Whether keeping records for your household or work, making sure they are secure is the top priority. For fire and impact-resistant home office cabinets, look for the UL 350 rating. These units can take a lot of damage to protect files, but they are quite expensive.

If UL 350 home office cabinets are too much for your budget, adding a fireproof lockbox to protect critical documents is a great way to keep your most important documents safe, just in case.

The Final Word

Take the time to do some research, compare brands and read reviews before making your decision. Ultimately, choose what will work best for your needs and be sure to keep function, storage and security in mind when choosing your home office cabinet.