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Choosing a home office chair involves more than just style. People often focus a lot of attention on selecting a desk and computer and don’t give as much thought to the chair that will be supporting them while they are working. More

The key factors to focus on when choosing a home office chair are your existing office space, body type, posture and personal requirements.

Home Office Space

The first thing to note is how much physical room you have for a home office chair. While all chairs are roughly the same size, slight variances in the dimensions can make a big difference. Measure the floor area where you intend to place the chair, as well as height of and space around the desk.

Does your office have hardwood floors or carpet? This will affect the type of wheelbase you choose, since some are better equipped for rolling on carpeted floors.

Is there an established style in your office? If so, you'll likely want a chair that suits the decor. If you spend little time in the chair, then visual appeal might be the higher priority. However, those who sit for long hours may have more pressing concerns.

Take Care of Yourself

If you estimate that you'll often sit for several hours in your home office chair, choose one that suits your body. Those who have a frame that is smaller or larger than average should check the seat size and capacity to ensure the chair will be a good fit.

To avoid aches and pains, consider the ergonomic features available for home office chairs. Adjustability is critical to tailor the chair to your specifications and can be very important for a home office chair that will be shared by different sized people. The following factors all impact your posture and comfort, so being able to adjust them will have a positive effect:

  • Lumbar support
  • Armrest placement
  • Backrest angle
  • Seat depth
  • Chair height

Other features may be offered as well, but these are the most common and essential. If the chair you are looking at is not adjustable, you’ll still want to evaluate your options based on the comfort of each of the factors in this list when choosing a home office chair.


Upholstery makes a big difference for home office chairs. Mesh is breathable and helps you stay cool during long work sessions. Leather seating is comfortable and durable but could retain too much heat. Fabrics often feel luxurious, but you may prefer materials that breathe and repel stains.

Your Ideal Workspace

Take some time to compare brands and select a style that fits the vibe of your home office. Think about the type of work you'll be doing, and what you need to be productive. Choosing home office chairs is an important task but is often quite rewarding. As always, whatever makes you happy is the best decision you can make.

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