Dining Room Inspiration

Designing the Perfect Dining Room

The best and most memorable dining rooms are a feast for the eyes as well as a reflection of the designer's personality. Whatever your constraints, the perfect look is possible if you're willing to get creative. Our colorful dining room decorating ideas will help you find the ideal color scheme for any design tastes.

How to Decorate a Dining Room with Color

Without a doubt, dining room color schemes dictate the mood of any room, from the most causal breakfast nook to the grandest dining salon. Considering the hues in your space can have a big impact on how guests perceive your interior design.

Creating Atmosphere

Shades of white and bright colors are energetic, helping you to wake up in the morning. On the other hand, darker shades or exposed brick exude sophistication. Check out the photos of our inspiration rooms to get a sense of the moods that popular color combinations can create.

Decorating with the Seasons in Mind

People who love seasonal table decor can consider our neutral dining room decorating ideas. Elegant beige, white and gray furnishings allow you to remix tablecloths, chair covers and vases to stay in step with the seasons and trends. Our color scheme pages offer tips for pairing neutrals with a variety of hues.

Building a Signature Look

Frequently used for entertaining guests, your dining room should make a style statement. To create a bold look that pleases the eye, think about dining room color ideas that make use of color theory. On our decorating ideas pages we explain design concepts to help you create a stunning dining room.

Which Hue Is For You?

Our design guides present decorating ideas for many on-trend dining room color schemes. Whether your preferred style is classic, contemporary or someplace in between, our gallery of photos and handy tips will help find the perfect shades for your unique space.