Queen Canopy Bedroom Sets

Queen Size Canopy Bedroom Furniture Sets

A queen canopy bedroom set brings a touch of privacy and comfort to your room.  While queen canopy bedroom sets once conjured images of medieval royalty, these days they are versatile enough to suit any decor. Choose from traditionally designed sets with dramatic wood accents and sweeping gilded curtains or minimalist pieces with industrial brushed metal and simply draped white linens. As practical as they are luxurious, curtained canopies also add warmth and privacy for a sound night's sleep while more modest gauzy drape provides a lighter weight modern take that still offers a nod to the past. Treat yourself to the luxury you deserve with a queen canopy bedroom set.

A coordinated queen size canopy bed set makes it easy to style a whole room. Find 5, 6, and 7-piece sets including dressers, mirrors, chests, and more.