Queen Beds

Queen Size Beds & Frames

Queen beds are made for two. These unique queen bedframes made from sturdy wood or metal can take bedtime to a whole new level. Because these frames come in an assortment of styles, from modern to classic and from canopy to poster, you’re sure to find the queen bed that delights your inner interior designer. Get a frame in traditional wood tones, or opt for chic black or white. More

How to Choose a Queen Bed

Queen size beds are perfect for anyone who values relaxation and saving space. As one of the most popular sizes available, queen beds come in an array of options. Knowing what styles and materials you prefer before starting your search helps save time.


Before selecting your queen size bed, make sure you have enough space. Most queen mattresses are 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, although, depending on the style, the overall bed size can be a bit larger. Beds with bookshelf headboards and even sleigh beds, for example, are longer than beds with panel headboards. Bed height can also affect how the bed looks in a given space. Lower beds make rooms feel bigger, while higher beds give them a more formal feel.

Making a Budget

The quality of the queen bed you choose should reflect how often you use it. Pieces made from more durable materials such as metal and wood tend to last longer and are perfect for beds that are used every day. If you are shopping for a guest room bed, choose a sturdy piece at a modest price. Find queen beds under $300, $200, and $100.

Bed Style & Room Decor

Traditional and Transitional queen beds come in styles like wingback, sleigh, and panel, while upholstered and platform beds complement contemporary rooms. Cozy cottage-style pieces with casual designs and distressed finishes build a relaxed aesthetic. For rustic themes, panel beds with unfinished, raw wood are ideal. Check out our collection of bed styles that will fit any theme, including:

Finishes & Color Options

Wooden finishes are always in fashion. Their rich tones and earthy textures blend well with any color scheme. When it comes to painted and upholstered queen beds, choose neutral-toned frames in gray, black, or white for versatility. If you want something that visually pops, purchase a bed with a finish that contrasts with other colors in the room like oak or cherry.

Bed Materials

Most queen size bed frames are made with wood, which creates a cozy, warm look. The material looks fantastic alone, but some frames are also upholstered with soft fabric or leather to add drama to static rooms. Metal bed frames are also common. The scrolling designs of wrought iron give a distinctive look, while brass beds offer antique flare.