King Bedding

King Size Bed Sets & Comforter Sets

How to Choose King Bed Linens

A good night's sleep is priceless, so king bed linens are a great place to invest in quality, comfort, and style. To build your dream bed, choose from individual pieces or convenient bedding sets tailored to your space.

Settling on Budget & Materials

Whether you're buying king size sheets, bedspreads, or both, the wide variety of available styles, weights, and textures means that there's a perfect fit for every bed. To be prepared for any situation, consider allowing room in your budget to buy several sets of king bed linens. Extra sheets and blankets mean that you're always ready for guests.

Tips for Buying Sheets

When buying king bed sheets, the major factors that should affect your decision are thread count, material, weave, and pocket depth. Thread count affects the thickness and durability of your linens. To sleep comfortably, savvy shoppers stick to sheets that fall in the sweet spot between 200 and 800 thread count.

Most king size linens are made of either Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, synthetic fiber, or microfiber fabric. In general, the higher the percentage of cotton in your sheets, the softer they will be. The two most common weaves are cotton sateen and cotton percale. Cotton sateen, the more expensive of the two, is soft, silky, and thick, with a slightly shiny appearance. On the other hand, cotton percale is a more affordable and more durable option with a much crisper, cooler feel.

Finally, consider the pocket depth of the fitted sheet to be sure the sheet set you purchase will fit your bed properly. With the variety of heights in today’s mattresses from firm to plush to pillow top, you’ll want to check the height of your mattress and include room for a mattress topper if you use one.

Tips When Purchasing Bedspreads


Both decorative and practical, bedspreads come in several styles to fit your location and season. Comforters are perfect go-to winter pieces to dress up your bed and keep you warm. A slightly lighter option, duvets are made up of a fluffy internal layer as well as a snug-fitting fabric cover. Since these pieces are often sold separately, switching the look of your bed is as easy as buying a new cover. During summer months, lighter quilts and coverlets may be the only layer your bed needs.


Whatever your style choice, make sure you pick king bed linens with care instructions that match your lifestyle. Pieces filled with polyester batting or down feathers are easy to wash at home using standard machines, though down bedspreads may be a pain to dry. Inexpensive fiber fillings or more costly materials like wool, rayon, and satin may shift, bunch, or wrinkle unless professionally dry cleaned.

Choosing Style & Colors

Pairing the right king size bed linens is key to making your bed the center of attention. Try layering solid colors and patterns or subtle prints with bolder ones. For example, sheets with thin, refined stripes go well with comforters featuring big, abstract tribal patterns. Minimalists may prefer to stick to different shades of the same neutral color for a relaxing space that still has depth and visual interest. Additionally, accent pieces can introduce new textures and colors. Embellished pillows create a fun, bohemian vibe, while classic shapes and subdued prints have a traditional feel.