Ethan Allen vs. Bassett Furniture

Comparing Ethan Allen and Bassett Furniture

Differences between Ethan Allen and Bassett Furniture

Both Ethan Allen and Bassett Furniture sell furnishings and decor for the entire house. From individual pieces to full sets, both companies take pride in offering customers quality products and top-notch service. Comparing options like financing, delivery, and selection is a crucial part of choosing Ethan Allen vs. Bassett Furniture for your purchase.


Ethan Allen

Founded in 1932, Ethan Allen designs, builds, and sells luxury furniture with an assortment of brand exclusives. Ethan Allen has a large online storefront and operates over 300 showrooms across the globe.

Bassett Furniture

Bassett Furniture began selling home furnishings in 1902. The retailer focuses on comfortable, long-lasting items at affordable prices. In addition to online orders, Bassett has more than 100 stores throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.


Each company features decor and furniture ranging from traditional to contemporary. Ethan Allen's collection also includes high-end pieces or complete sets with rustic and retro appeal. Bassett Furniture carries a line of well-crafted, classic furnishings geared towards budget-savvy shoppers as part of the vendor's sizeable catalog.

Additional Services

Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen customers can buy gift cards or sign up for a paid membership plan. Program benefits include discounts along with free shipping and delivery for qualifying merchandise.

Bassett Furniture

The retailer offers complimentary design consultations in stores, online, and over the phone. You can also request custom options from Bassett Furniture and have living room, dining room, or bedroom collections delivered to your door in about one month.


Credit cards are available through Ethan Allen and Bassett Furniture. Each brand has promotional periods and special incentives. At Ethan Allen, cardholders also have access to extended payment terms, exclusive sales, and shopping events.

Shipping and Delivery

Ethan Allen

For a fee, Ethan Allen provides an in-home delivery service. Eligibility depends on the size of the piece and your distance from the nearest showroom. Standard shipping is also available within the continental U.S. for internet orders and smaller decor.

Bassett Furniture

Bassett Furniture can deliver certain purchases in as little as seven days, depending on the product. Some are accessible through in-store pickup, while others ship to a home or business address. Custom pieces typically take about a month to arrive.

Warranties and Returns

Many Ethan Allen and Bassett Furniture items include warranties covering materials, construction, and quality. Both brands offer repair or replacement of flawed products, and most merchandise is eligible for return with a receipt within 30 days.

Which is Right for You?

Deciding which retailer is best for you means taking services, style, and budget into account before you make a purchase. Whether you choose Ethan Allen or Bassett Furniture, you'll find an extensive selection of beautiful, high-quality seating, tables, and beds for your home.