Islamic Art

Guide to Islamic Art & Persian Miniatures

Persian Paintings

Sotheby's Fath Ali Shah signed by Ahmad, Persia, dated A.H.1226/A.D.1811

Persian Miniature Paintings

Persian Minatures: The Cary Welch Rustam and White Div

Persian Miniature Art: 15th century Turkmen Wolves Sotheby's

Persian Miniature Art: Deer and Bird Lacquer Book Covers

Persian Miniature Art: The Demotte Standing Youth, dated 1608 with Mughal Borders

Persian Miniature Bukhara School Yusof-O Zolaykha of Jami. 1566

"Young Women" signed by Mahmud Muzahhib

"Yusuf Gives a Royal Banquet in Honor of His Marriage" from the Haft Awrang of Jami made for Soltan Ibrahim Mirza, 1556 to 1565

A City Dweller Desecrates a Garden

A Comparison of Figural Representation

A youth talking with a man. Shiraz Circa 1560

Abdullah at the court in Kabul?

Boars in a Fifteenth Century Miniature

Dragon & Horseman - Sadiqi Beg (?)

Encampment with Camels  Herat circa 1600

Execution Before a King by Bihzad

Fete Champetre  Shiraz circa 1575

Haftvad and the Worm c. 1540 signed "Dust Muhammad painted this"circa 1640

Hats and Stringed Instruments

Hats and Stringed Instruments

Hunting Scene mid-16th century

Interlocking Arrow Tile

Iskandar and Nushabeh. Persian Painting Shiraz Circa 1560

Keir Collection "Hawking Party"

Khusrau discovers Chirin

Painter D as Abdol-Aziz?

Portrait of Shah Tahmasp

Portrait of the Prince Aqa Mirak Tabriz, Circa 1530

Portrait of Young Woman Mirza Ali circa 1540

Rustem meeting Kay Qubad Shiraz, 1560-70

Seated Princess Mohammadi, Herat, circa 1565

Shaykhzadeh, Tabriz, circa 1520

Sixteenth century Persian Turbans

The Kevorkian Portrait of a Seated Flautist

The Master Spy Escapes c. 1562 - 1577

The Turkmen Prisoner 1590 - 1600 by Farrukh Beg

The Wonderful Mule. c. 1540 "The Simple Peasant Entreats the Salesman Not to Sell His Wonderful Mule" from the Haft Awrang of Jami made for Soltan Ibrahim Mirza, 1556 to 1565

Ustad Abdollah

Uzbek Khan's Portrait by Shaykh Muhammad 1557

Youth and Old Age  Tabriz circa 1530

Yusuf Gives A Royal Banquetin Honor of His Marriage" from the Haft Awrang of Jami made for Soltan Ibrahim Mirza, 1556 to 1565.

Persian Miniature Turkmen School Giv brings Gurgin before Kay Khusrau. 1493-94

Persian Miniature: Fable of the Friendly Bear

Bears Khorasan 3rd quarter 16th c

Shiraz Hunting Scene, Circa 1580

The Bahari Lacquer Bookcover

Persian Painting "Coronation of Soltan Hosayn Mirza Bayqara" Attributed to Mansur, Herat circa 1469

Persian Painting "Majnum Comes Before Layla Disguised As A Sheep" from the Haft Awrang of Jami

Persian Painting The Traveler and the Dervish

Persian Painting: Bahram Gur in the Green Pavilion

Background on Islam

Islam, along with Judaism and Christianity, is a monotheistic religion. They are the only three major religions that are monotheistic. Translated from Arabic Islam means Submission to Allah. Muslims are taught that Allah is the God of Christians and Jews. In Islamic practice all Muslims are equal and together regardless of sectarian differences make up the Umma.

Muhammad was born in Mecca about 570 AD and about 510 AD began to preach a Monotheistic creed with himself as the last and primary Prophet. He taught a rule based belief that was based on a holy book that he caused to be written called the Koran. Islam teaches that the Koran is the word of Allah and accepted the Bible and the Hebrew bible as inspired by God and then flawed by man. (The view that over time man materially changed the Christian Bible is no longer a defensible position by reputable scholars.)

In 622 AD Mohammed had to leave his home in Mecca and he fled to Yathrib. Mohammed renamed Yathrib as Medina. It was the flight to Medina that begins the reckoning of years in the Hegira Calendar. It was from this point that Mohammed spent 10 building the foundation of what we know as Islam. He died in 632 AD