Definition of Adjustable Bed

Meaning of the Term as it Pertains to Mattresses

What is an Adjustable Bed?

Also see Lifestyle Base. Adjustable beds, also called adjustable bed frames, power beds, and electric beds, have motorized foundations that tilt to create different sleeping positions. The areas for the head and feet may adjust independently to varying degrees, which allows for a wide array of sleeping positions. Adjustable beds need mattresses specifically designed for adjustable use. Although typical beds can bend, they quickly break down with frequent bending. Memory foam, latex, and innerspring mattresses options exist for use with adjustable beds. Some mattress experts advise that memory foam and latex work best with adjustable bed frames because of their cellular structures.

Adjustable bed frames show a high satisfaction rate of about 85%. However, adjustable mattresses have lower satisfaction rates that range between 65% and 75%. Retailers often bundle mattresses with adjustable bases, which may account for the dissatisfaction. When looking at adjustable beds, customers may judge solely on adjustable functionality and ignore the importance of a supportive, comfortable mattress.

Individuals with medical issues and those who experience cramping at night frequently choose adjustable beds. Sleeping at tilted angles can often help with blood circulation, relieve tension from pressure points, and reduce snoring. In addition to health benefits, adjustable beds make it easier to watch TV, use a computer, or read in bed.