Serta Mattress Dimensions

Serta manufactures mattresses in four basic sizes.

Serta Twin Mattresses

The smallest Serta mattress size is the standard twin. Measuring 38 inches wide by 74.5 inches long, this is the perfect mattress size for kids. Rooms To Go has great single twin bed and twin bunk bed frames that accommodate this comfortably cozy Serta mattress size. The dimensions of the Serta twin XL amount to a slightly longer version of the standard. While keeping the same 38-inch width, twin XL mattresses add 5 inches lengthwise for a total of 79.5 inches. Given the five inches of extra length, twin XL mattresses are perfect for teens and growing kids.

Serta Full Mattresses

Full size mattresses are slightly larger than twins. Standard full size Serta mattresses have widths of 53 inches and lengths of 74.5 inches, allowing plenty of room for kids, teens, and young adults to get one comfortable night of rest after another. Rooms To Go offers a wide variety of high-quality full size bed frames and bunk bed sets designed to fit Serta mattresses.

Serta Queen Mattresses

Individuals looking for additional space and comfort will find queen Serta mattress sizes to their liking. Standard queen mattresses are 60 inches wide and 79.5 inches long. These dimensions allow solo sleepers plenty of space to sleep. Couples also enjoy this mattress size.

Serta King Mattresses

The largest available dimensions of Serta mattresses are provided by standard king and California king sizes. Standard kings measure 76 inches wide and 79.5 inches long, while California kings reach 72 inches wide and a luxurious 83.5 inches long. King and California king sizes provide couples with the maximum amount of space commercially available. A large variety of bed frames made to fit these Serta mattress dimensions can be found at Rooms To Go.

Size Guide for Serta Mattresses

Serta mattress sizes
Width x LengthMattress Size
38" x 74.5"Twin
38" x 79.5"Twin XL
53" x 74.5"Full
60" x 79.5"Queen
76" x 79.5"King
72" x 83.5"California King