Metal Bunk Beds

Twin & Full Metal Bunk Beds

Bunk beds save valuable space that can be used for a play area, reading nook, or another source of entertainment while still allowing children to have their own personal territory for sleeping. Lighter and comparatively cheaper than other options, kids metal bunk beds are great for families who need temporary space-savers, move frequently, or have older children on the cusp of outgrowing the novelty of the stacked sleeping arrangement. Bunk beds made out of metal tend to squeak and produce a lot of noise, so restless sleepers should avoid the material. The perks of a metal bunk bed include higher resistance to bed bugs and a sleek, contemporary look that modern kids love.

Made from durable materials like iron, most of our metal bunk beds come with safety features such as railings surrounding the top bunk and wide ladders for safe and easy access. Available in colors ranging from timeless black to gleaming white, these beds captivate any child’s imagination and facilitate hours of fun and relaxation. In case the kids get too rowdy and unruly, each metal bunk bed is finished with a powder coating that protects against scratching and chipping, as well as UV damage and rust. Our selections include full over full, twin over twin, or twin over full models that accommodate children of varying sizes, ages, and sleep needs.