Brown, Gray & White Living Room

Brown, Gray & White Furniture Color Schemes & Decorating Ideas

Earthy tones like brown and gray instantly create a refined look, especially when paired together. This color combination exudes a quiet elegance perfect for lounges and other guest spaces. Adding white into a gray and brown living room balances the darker hues and makes these neutral colors look anything but ordinary.

Joshua Living Room SetJoshua living room set with brown reclining sofa and loveseat
Brown reclining sofa and matching loveseat, paired with pieces of white decor and a light gray rug.

The rich hickory brown sofa pictured above gives this living room a sense of warmth. To keep the centerpiece from casting the rest of the room into darkness, white and gray accent pieces visually interrupt the brown living room decor. Additional white and gray furniture, like a light gray rug or white wall art, keep the color scheme consistent throughout the room.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetCindy Crawford living room set with brown sectional, chair and ottoman
Brown sectional, chair and ottoman on a rug with streaks of gray, complemented by a white lamp on the wooden end table.

White highlights provide visual intrigue next to the brown living room decor in the space above. Since brown, gray and white are all neutral colors, they create an ideal foundation for striking pops of bolder hues. Hints of blue on the brown and white accent pillows, lamp and rug pictured here bring energy and brightness to the space.

Aventino Living Room SetAventino living room set with brown sofa and loveseat
Matching sofa and loveseat upholstered in light brown leather, paired with a gray and white rug, with wooden lamps and tables.

If dark brown makes for a refined palette, light brown, like the beige leather sofa in this design, brings a classic elegance to decor. Surround this delicate hue with bright whites and hints of gray for a refreshing color palette. Touches of burnt orange in the design above keep the brown and white living room decor from looking washed out. The result is effortless style.

Eric Church Living Room SetEric Chuch living room set with brown reclining sofa and loveseat
Brown reclining sofa and matching loveseat paired with brown, gray and white patterened rugs.

Using dark brown throughout a living room is an easy shortcut to rustic charm. In the room above, the coppery tones of the lamps and mirror add to the brown theme, while a gray and white rug and walls keeps monotony at bay.

Fenway Heights Living Room SetFenway Heights living room set with brown leather sectional
Brown leather sectional paired with gray and white decor.

Using a single splash of brown in a gray and white living room creates a chic, contemporary vibe. Sleek, metal-based accent and coffee tables with gray marble tops frame and elevate the cinnamon brown sectional pictured here. A textured tan rug completes this sophisticated look.

Trevino Living Room SetTrevino living room set with brown leather reclining sofa and loveseat
Reclining sofa and matching loveseat upholstered in brown leather and centered around a white rug, with gray and white lamps on wooden end tables.

Just as dark brown and white create a visually satisfying opposition, so do leather and plush shag. In the living room above, an irresistibly textured white rug effortlessly complements the supple coffee-brown leather sofa. Hints of yellow and gray in accent pieces and wall art add color variation.

Vercelli Living Room SetVercelli living room set with brown leather sofa and loveseat
Brown leather reclining sofa with matching loveseat and a 3-piece set of silver glasstop tables on a white rug.

To capitalize on the earthy feel of a brown, gray and white living room, heighten the color scheme with pops of light blues and soft greens. Green accent pillows and leaf-themed wall art bring a nature motif into this space; while the brown leather, white shag rug and silver table set infuse the room with modern appeal.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetCindy Crawford living room set with gray sofa and loveseat
Dark gray sofa with matching loveseat and brown wooden tables on a white rug.

All three colors balance perfectly in this gray and brown living room. The graphite sofa makes for a refined centerpiece, while a white rug is the perfect foundation for this dark shade of gray with its soft color and textural interest. Chocolate-finished coffee and end tables anchor the design.

Glendale Living Room SetGlendale living room set with gray reclining sofa and loveseat
Gray reclining sofa and matching loveseat, paired with brown and white tables on a rug with streaks of the same colors.

The gray living room pictured here blends cozy with contemporary thanks to a silver-gray sofa and loveseat. Brown and white marble-topped tables and uniquely shaped lamps enhance the modern vibes, while tangerine hues in the brown, gray and white rug connect with the throw pillows and wall accents.

Earthy Elegance

Decorating a living room with a brown, gray and white color scheme is proof that three neutral colors together can make for intriguing decor. It doesn't matter which color takes center stage or if all three are given equal weight. The resulting look is simple, cohesive and pleasing to the senses.