Blue, Orange & White Living Room

Blue, Orange & White Furniture Color Schemes & Decorating Ideas

Pairing blue and orange makes for a striking and modern look. These complementary colors blend harmoniously and draw the eye with little effort. Adding white to orange and blue decor creates a balance that keeps the bolder colors from overwhelming your space.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetBlue tufted sectional with orange, blue and white striped pillows, square blue tufted ottoman, end table with white lamp in an orange room setting.
Contemporary tufted blue sectional with matching blue ottoman and blue, orange & white striped pillows combined with a white lamp in an orange room setting.

Using deep blue as the primary color in a living room can easily cast the rest of the decor into shadow. In the example above, orange and white accent pillows and a striped chair offset the darkness and neutrality of the blue and build a sophisticated color palette pleasing to the senses.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetWhite sofa set with blue, orange and white printed pillows, glass-top end tables with blue decor on a light orange rug.
Coastal style white sofa set accented with blue, orange and white pillows, glass-topped end tables with blue decor and a light orange rug.

White effortlessly strikes a classic and refined tone, but using this color alone can give decor a washed-out look. Hints of blue and orange scattered strategically throughout the living room pictured here create depth and intrigue.

In this inspiration room, pillows and hanging wall art add a spark of color and reinforce the beachy feel. These accents extend the orange, blue and white decor scheme to the edges of the room for a cohesion that delights.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetLight blue tufted sectional with blue, orange and white striped pillows, a matching striped chair, light blue tufted ottoman, white lamp in an orange room setting.
Light blue tufted sectional with a matching ottoman accented with blue, orange and white striped pillows and a white lamp in an orange room setting.

Light blue is soothing, making it a great base color for living rooms primarily used for lounging. However, too much blue can dull the senses. Splashes of orange decor wake up the space above because of this color's bright and energetic vibe. White ties everything together while also boosting the effects of the other colors.

Livorno Papaya Living Room SetOrange leather sofa set with blue and white accent pillows, white lamp shades, orange wall art and a white shag rug.
Sleek orange leather sofa set with tufted seat cushions accented with a blue and white pillow, orange wall art and a white shag rug.

Using orange as the dominant color in any room makes a bold, contemporary statement, but too much can overwhelm the eye. To transform orange decor from over-the-top to trendy, create a white backdrop using rugs, walls, accents and lampshades, as in the photo above. A touch of blue brings the whole room together.

For the most dynamic look, mix textures as well as orange, blue, and white decor. The soft shag of the white rug complements the sleek orange leather in this set.

Cobble Heights Living Room SetBlue sofa set with tufted seat backs, blue, white and orange accent pillows and a blue and white rug.
Blue sofa set with soft woven fabric and tufted seat backs accented with blue, orange and white pillows, an orange throw blanket and a blue and white rug.

Never underestimate the effects of small design touches. Orange florals on the coffee table and white accent pillows are eye-catching amidst pale blue decor of the room pictured above. An orange throw over the arm of the blue couch makes the accent pillows pop and heightens the harmony between this room's three main colors.

Bold and Electric

Orange and blue decor brightens up any room it's in. The bold colors pair perfectly, creating a fun look that projects modern flair. Stirring neutral white into the mix keeps decor dynamic while also toning down the flashiness of blue and orange. Any amateur decorator can create a professional-level living room when they use an orange, blue and white color palette.