Beige, Brown, & Green Living Room

Beige, Brown, & Green Furniture Color Schemes & Decorating Ideas

As earth tones, beige, brown and green work well together. Use these colors to draw the outdoors inside and make your decor feel like a day at the park or a walk in the woods.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetGreen couch set accented with dark brown tables, on a beige throw rug.
Classic green sofa set paired with rich colored wooden tables on a beige throw rug.

Decorating with green furniture can change the entire vibe of the room. In the photo above, a light-colored space with large windows and white walls gets a touch of color and visual interest from green couches while a light beige rug adds textural interest and prevents the colors from overwhelming the space.

The dark wood tables add depth to bright, fresh green and beige decor. A soft, natural shade of green, like sage, olive or moss, pairs well with wood tones. Topping off your nature-inspired decor with plants or landscape wall art completes the look.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetLight brown couch set accented with dark brown tables with green bowls and lamps on a beige rug.
Light brown classic sofa set paired with dark wooden tables decorated with a green bowl and lamps with hints of green, on a beige rug.

Use beige and brown living room decor without becoming too monochrome by adding bright accent pieces. Try decorating with green living room decor if your space is more neutral. The moss green bowl, patterned lamp and wall art add pops of color while blending with the existing furniture.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetBiege couch set with detailed hand carved rattan armrests, green bamboo printed pillows, and matching wooden tables.
Beige sofa set with generously cushioned boxed cushions paired with green palm leaf printed pillows, rich brown hand carved armrests and matching tables.

White walls and furniture give coastal and tropical decor a bright, fresh look. However, they can get a little boring without some accent colors. To choose your palette, consider pulling hues from pillows, artwork or furniture.

For example, this room uses the same sage green and seafoam blue from the couch's pillows to inspire the colorful choice of lamps and area rug. The medium brown color of the sofa's wood accents matches the table set and picture frames, grounding the space and pulling the whole room together.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetReclining brown leather couch set with green and beige accent pillows, wooden marble-topped tables on a beige and brown shag rug.
Luxurious dark brown leather sofa set accented with green and beige throw pillows paired with wooden marble-topped tables on a beige shag rug.

Dark leather sofas are a common seating option, especially in a versatile, neutral color like brown. While these pieces can suit many types of decor, lighter or brighter colored accents lend the space more vibrancy. The room pictured above utilizes layering with subtle tones of beige and strategic pops of green adding visual interest to the leather furniture and brown living room decor.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetReclining brown leather couch set with green and beige pillows, wooden marble topped tables on a beige shag rug
Dark brown leather reclining sectional accented with green and beige pillows combined with dark wooden marble-topped tables on a beige and brown shag rug.

Sectionals occupy a lot of space in living rooms, so most often the color of the couch is the dominant hue in the room. If your sectional is deep brown, use lighter colored beige or green decor, like accent pillows, tables, vases and rugs, to open up your space.

Decorating with green plants in darker spaces is another designer trick. Not only do they work as decor and match your accent color, but they also bring life to your space by pulling nature indoors for urban dwellers.

Consider Earth Tones

Decorating your living room with beige, brown and green is a great way to pay tribute to your ecofriendly lifestyle or love of the outdoors. These warm and forgiving neutrals blend together seamlessly and suit any decor style. Use nature as your inspiration for simple and elegant designs with this easy color combination.