Beige, Blue, & Brown Living Room

Beige, Blue & Brown Furniture Color Schemes & Decorating Ideas

Blue and Brown Decor in the Modern Home

Rooms decorated with beige and brown can take on new life if you add blue into the mix. When using this color scheme, many people let lighter colors dominate the space while vibrant blue living room decor acts as an accent. On the other hand, styles featuring deep blue as the primary color can be just as compelling, creating a rich, moody look.

View the design inspiration rooms below to see both bold and subdued spaces using a combination of blue, brown and beige decor.

Bonita Springs Living Room SetBeige couch set with blue accent pillows, brown end and coffee tables in front of a blue wall.
Beige couch set with blue accent pillows and wood coffee and end tables.

Vibrant blue walls and a deep brown coffee table in the room above make beige decor pop. Light sofas and curtains stand in direct contrast with their color-saturated surroundings. This livingroom is a great example of how decorating with blue and beige can produce impressive results.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetBeige couch set with blue and brown accent pillows, brown coffee table and end tables with blue accent walls.
Beige tufted couch set including ottoman and glass top wood tables.

This mostly beige arrangement brightens the room and envelops the space with a sense of calm and serenity. A blue accent wall as well as a patterned rug and throw pillows add more texture and visual interest. Wooden table frames and sofa foundations introduce a hint of brown to the decor.

Milano Living Room SetBeige leather couch set with brown coffee and end tables with blue curtains.
Beige reclining leather couch set with bucket seating and oval glass-top wood tables.

Beige and brown living room decor is well adapted for areas with lots of natural light. The living room above is modern and spacious with plenty of contrast. Playing well off of the pale blue walls and dark wooden tables, a large area rug incorporates the beige and blue while adding a dynamic quality to this serene space.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetBeige couch set with a wooden exposed frame and blue and brown accent pillows with brown coffee and end table set.
Beige woven textured couch set with exposed wooden frames and blue and brown accent pillows with a matching wooden table set.

Blue living room decor is not always bold and dark. The sky-colored walls of this space set create a dreamy mood, especially when paired with light upholstery and natural wood trim.

Corrine Stone Living Room SetBeige reclining sofa set with blue accent pillows and blanket, brown coffee and end table set with accent lamps.
Contemporary beige reclining sofa set with a blue accent pillow and blanket combined with brown matching end tables and coffee table.

Decorating with deeper hues of beige and brown creates a welcoming aesthetic. Brown upholstery and tables give this interior its rich and sophisticated mood, while the light blue rug and walls lend an ethereal quality and keep the space from appearing dark or gloomy.

River Bluff Living Room SetTufted beige couch with a leather upholstered base and brown and blue accent pillows with matching wooden end tables and coffee table.
Beige tufted sectional sofa with a brown leather upholstered base accented with brown and blue pillows and wall art with subtle blue tones.

Dark and light shades paired together create eye-pleasing appeal. The two-tone seating above make decorating with beige and brown a snap. To further develop the look, add unexpected and exciting contrast through subtle blue living room decor in the form of vases, blankets, throw pillows and books.

Brenton Court Living Room SetBeige sectional with blue and brown accent chair with matching ottoman and brown end table.
Contemporary beige sectional with storage ottoman and brown & blue accent pillows set on a blue rug with a brown end table.

The room above combines blue and brown decor with watery blue walls, mixed tone chevron patterns and tabletop accessories. Beige curtains and sofas keep things feeling light and airy, while dark brown accents in the form of baskets, tables and picture frames give the room depth.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetBeige sectional with beige, blue and brown pillows, round brown ottoman, blue and brown rug.
Beige tufted sectional with beige, blue and brown accent pillows with a round brown ottoman & a beige, brown and blue rug.

Rugs and throw pillows can provide balance when decorating with blue and beige. While beige living room decor is the focus in this space, hints of bolder colors provide variety and give it a playful vibe.

An easy way to make sure all the colors in your design scheme mesh, choose an area rug, pillows or printed accent chairs that include all of your main hues.

Why Does Blue Work with Earth Tones?

When accented with blue decor, neutral colors are perfect for eye-catching interior design. These hues work together because they are almost directly across from each other of the color wheel. The complementary blend of cool, calming blue and warm, inviting brown is ideal for either busy gathering areas or quiet relaxing retreats.