Black, White & Gray Dining Room

Black, White & Gray Color Schemes for Dining Room Furniture & Decor

Simple and beautiful, black, white and gray dining room decor is anything but basic, presenting opportunities for truly striking interior design. The three colors are easy to come by, and they work so well together that it's hard to go wrong with any combination.

Shifting the balance among these colors can create an upbeat ambiance or a moody vibe. These neutral hues also allow understated accents to shine in spectacular ways.

Amsterdam Avenue Dining Room Set
picture of the Amsterdam Avenue dining room set
Black dining table accented with white decor and gray upholstered chairs set on a white and gray rug.

Using a centerpiece, like the black dining room table above, lays a strong foundation that you can take in many directions. Here, muted tones of gray dominate for a serene look. Black legs tie the chairs and table together visually, while white accents provide a fresh, crisp contrast.

Bay City Dining Set
picture of the Bay City dining room set
Silver dining table with glass top and matching black chairs on a black and white rug, all in a room with light gray walls.

In this inspiration room, sleek black chairs and light gray dining room walls bring out the best in each other. The space is neither too bright nor too dark because it uses elements of both. A two-tone rug, graphic wall art and onyx dining set with silver legs and white side panels add to this black and white dining room's color theme.

Ciara Dining Set
picture of the Ciara dining room set
Black, glasstop dining table with white upholstered chairs on a gray and white rug.

A glass-top table adds crisp lines and dimension to this space, keeping the black, white and gray room decor interesting. Decorating with reflective surfaces is a simple trick that enhances a design's complexity without losing the sleek and modern look of a simple color scheme.

Ellwood Dining Room Set
picture of the Ellwood dining room set
Black, bar-height dining table with matching stools upholstered in dark gray and set on a light gray rug in a room with white walls.

Framing this charcoal and black dining room set with a light gray rug and white walls creates impressive contrast. Here, something as simple as a bowl of decorative fruit looks radiantly colorful thanks to its monochromatic black, gray and white surroundings.

Imperium Dining Set
picture of the Imperium dining room set
Silver dining table with glass top accented by black and white decor and upholstered white chairs set on a gray and white rug.

White decor in the dining room is less common than in other areas of the home, making the choice even more striking. In the design above, white give this space an airy and contemporary feel.

Gray accents in the rug and paint color keep the room from feeling sterile, yet allow more colorful decor to pop. Purple-black accents in the wall art and tablescape lend depth and richness to this mostly gray and white dining room.

Lansdale Dining Room Set
picture of the Lansdale dining room set
Gray dining table paired with black chairs on a white rug, with black and white decor throughout the room.

When decorating a dining room with black, white and gray, using texture creates visual interest. Note the way the smooth metal and glass table plays off of the black woven chairs, white brick wall, and snowy shag rug in this modern black and white dining room.

Mabry Dining Set
picture of the Mabry dining room set
Round, black dining table with glass top and matching chairs upholstered in white material, all on a gray and white rug.

Eggshell has just a hit of warmth for a creamy white color. It can introduce a little substance to a stark white dining room and pairs well with black and gray, as showcased above. When designing with the grayscale, choosing shades with a touch of another hue increases a room's appeal and demonstrates how versatile this color scheme can be.

Tria Dining Set
picture of the Tria dining room set
Silver and white glasstop dining table with matching chairs on a gray/black rug.

Elegant in its simplicity, white dining room decor can be just as eye-catching as black for your room's focal point. In the design above, the room starts bright in the center and darkens as the eye moves outward to the charcoal rug and smoke-gray walls. Without using any vibrant colors or patterns, this smart design choice draws attention to the center of the space.

Hill Creek Dining Room Set
Picture of the Hill Creek dining room set.
Bar height dining table finished in black, combined with tall, tufted gray upholstered stools with decorative nailhead trims, on a white throw rug.

A black and gray dining room also allows the designer to play with accents. Using both silver and gold objects in the same room can look unfocused in a space with more colors. However, subdued shades like the one pictured here make mixed metals look stylish and sophisticated.

Emory Heights Dining Room Set
Picture of the Emory Heights dining room set.
Round wooden table finished in gray, paired with four chairs in the same gray finish, set on a black and white rug.

This gray-focused room uses a combination of shapes to add variety to its refined palette. Oval chair backs mirror the table's round design features, while the sharp angles of the rug's diamond print offer an exciting visual counterpoint.

Parnella Dining Set
Picture of the Parnella dining set.
Round white dining table paired with gray, white trimmed dining chairs, set on a black, white and gray rug.

Decor doesn't have to be complex to have impact. A limited color scheme in the right context can be powerful. The sleek lines and contours of this table and chair combo shine thanks to their simple, clean colors. Lemon and rose accents also pop in this neutral setting.

Eric Church Dining Room Set
Picture of the Eric Church dining room set.
Black rectangular dining table paired with gray upholstered chairs, trimmed with silver nailheads, all set on a white rug.

For an air of elegance, combining different shades of black, white and gray dining room decor is a smart choice. As pictured in the room above, all-neutral spaces rely on interesting and high-quality furnishings to hold a viewer's gaze. Luxury materials like a marble floor and silver-mirrored accents get the attention they deserve, projecting subtle sophistication.

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A white, black and gray dining room is a blank canvas with unlimited potential. Whether you prefer stark and dramatic contrasts or nuanced and subtle shading, this versatile palette has all you need to go edgy or elegant.