What We Love About: Bar Carts

Posted In Design - 07/12/2019

A handy household fixture in the background or stunning focal point with the right mix of décor and accessories, a bar cart is more than an entertainer’s helper. Available in styles from classic to ultra-modern, bar carts have grown in popularity in the last few years for their versatility and beauty.

Based on Victorian tea trolleys, these charming mobile pieces started toting wine, spirits, and bubbly after Prohibition. Midcentury popularity of cocktail parties and high society living increased the appeal. An easy fit into any space, from dining to living, bar carts are welcoming in the foyer and even handy in the kitchen or office.

Large or small, rustic or ritzy, completely open or adorned with cabinets and drawers, there is a bar cart for every space, every style and every need. From glamorous gold and glass with elegant Old Hollywood appeal to weathered wood and aged iron for industrial flair, the choices are endless.

Often on casters and designs offering upper and lower shelves, in some cases with added features like bottle storage or glass racks, these handy gems fit any small nook. Whether tucked between two windows, in an alcove, or along an empty wall they have a way of completing your room. With the ability to coast easily from location to location, relocation to the perfect spot for any party is a snap.

Not just for cocktails – these compact accessories are perfect for service for after-dinner coffee and deserts. And for teetotalers, a bar cart is still a great option for afternoon tea service as well.

Compact and versatile, the sky’s the limit on how you use a bar cart. With a little creative thinking, you can find any number of locations throughout your home to grace with one of these beauties. A small oval cart is perfect for displaying and storing extra toiletries in the bathroom, a little larger works well as a bedside table in the guest room, or go smaller for a plant stand on the porch.

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