9 Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home (and get a higher selling price!)

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/27/2021

Ever heard the expression that one never gets a second chance to make a first impression? The same is true when it comes to selling your home. Potential buyers will start forming an opinion of your home the second they pull up. Picking up some stylish new furniture, repainting the exterior, or maybe just adding some planters can all help.

Knowing how to add extra curb appeal can help you sell your house for more. The good news is that these curb appeal ideas won’t break the bank. Sometimes it can be as easy as giving little extra love to your front door, having a more aesthetic painting, or just cleaning up around the front of your house!

Front Door Fixup


The entryway of a home is one of the most prominent focal points to consider for curb appeal. The most essential step is to ensure your home’s front door doesn’t look old, weathered, or broken. A diligent cleaning can go a long way but—for an added touch—a fresh coat of bold-colored paint can grab the attention of potential buyers.

Front Door Hardware


When looking for front-door ideas, it’s best to start small. Replacing front doors can be expensive and working from the bottom up may help save your budget. Consider upgrading the hardware on your front door (or other doors for that matter) to something a bit more inspired. The sunburst designs in the above image add a pop of mid-century modern to this home’s entrance.

Create Symmetry


Symmetry is pleasing to the eye and helps boost the “wow” factor with often little effort. There are two ways to approach highlighting the symmetry of your home and its interior. The first; look for places where duplicate decor can be placed to create symmetry. The second; look for places where single decor items can be placed to highlight existing symmetry. The image above showcases both approaches: the double twin bedroom design has natural symmetry and the single blue accent chest helps to highlight it.

Outdoor Lighting


Well-planned front lighting design can greatly improve curb appeal at night. Not all potential buyers will see your home at night but, for those that do, a few well-placed solar lights can make all the difference in the world. Beyond creating a better visual presentation, adding lights to walkways and stairs can create a safer and less stressful experience for all that enter your home. There’s no need for expensive permanent install here—a dozen or so cheap solar lights can do the trick!

Mailbox Makeover


For buyers shopping for primary residences, everything you can do to help them visualize themselves living happily in your home will help. Mailboxes are a great canvas on which to paint a welcome message. Using design elements and colors from the main house is an easy way to create a stunning mailbox area. If you have a curbside mailbox consider creating a mailbox garden area. For dropboxes or other wall-mounted mailboxes— make sure it doesn’t conflict with your home’s exterior style.

Planter Boxes


Planter boxes can be used to create a lively addition to your home decor. Planter boxes can be used below windows, in gardens, on porch rails, and—as shown in the image above—simply placed on tables! These are great accents to add around your home to help boost curb appeal. Using bright colors and eye-catching plants will guarantee potential buyers are left with a positive first impression of your home.

Fencing & Arbors


Arbors, fencing, custom latticework—all these design elements help highlight boundaries and portals. By having such visual cues as to where to walk—and where to not walk—your home’s aesthetic caliber is sure to increase. A simple arbor to visually highlight the entryway to a side yard can help create a more curated experience for home visitors. This will go a long way with potential buyers and other visitors as well.

Gutters + Downspouts


Gutters and downspouts help extend the life of houses by minimizing water damage. Any potential buyer will have your home’s gutters and downspouts brought to their attention during the home inspection process. You should definitely have some kind of gutters installed before putting your home on the market. For those seeking higher curb appeal—consider upgrading or improving existing gutters.

Plants & Flowers


You don’t have to create a new garden, install custom planter boxes, or transplant mature bushes to boost curb appeal. Simply places some free-standing planter pots with whatever plants Lowe’s or Home Depot have in seasonal stock will work. Place these near entryways, near borders, and throughout your home to create a sense of living energy.

Final Thoughts on Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home

Curb appeal can be described as the cumulative impression that your home design and decor make on visitors. When selling your home, taking steps to boost curb appeal will help fetch a higher price. Take into mind each of the curb-appeal-boosting tips here before listing your home. After all, a few hundred dollars before listing your home may fetch thousands extra at closing!