Twin Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Impress

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/19/2021

Twin bedrooms have a way of capturing our imaginations and taking us back to the adventurous spirit of childhood. Twin bedroom projects, as with any interior decorating or design project, often begin in search of inspiration.

The twin bedroom ideas collected here span across many styles, colors, and approaches to offer an inspiring tale to get any project off the ground. Below you’ll find tassels, farmhouses, coastal nooks, and even custom-built solutions. It’s impossible to say what might work best for spaces but these twin bedrooms should help get you started!

1. Traditional Pink + Grey Poster Beds

This twin bedroom design from Simple Interiors design features soft surroundings showcasing the muted blues, pinks, and creams that help meld this design together. The furniture choices make this twin bedroom design ideal for sisters. The furniture also lends a somewhat modern aftertaste to this overall traditional presentation.

2. Home-Made Rustic + Strong Personalization

This twin bedroom design from Boxwood Design Co. showcases how versatile one can be with a few materials from Home Depot and some creative imagination! Each of these twin beds was hand-made by Boxwood and showcases an excellent job in personalization and unifying colors.

3. Vintage Farmhouse Twin Bedroom by Vintage White Farmhouse

This bedroom showcases an Earthy expression of burlap materials, soft muted tones and a powerful vintage vibe. The tubed bed-framing, combined with the Edison bulb hanging lights, makes this junior’s room a masterful delight to take in. The framed Herringbone wood works well to drive home the overall vintage feel.

4. Eclectic Islander Twin Bedroom by Heather Peterson Design

This bedroom design nearly transcends the bounds of conventional style as well as symmetry. The colors say art deco, the beds say pacific islands, and the bedside table showcases a beautiful danish style that keeps us guessing. Note the difference in throw blanket color on each of the twin beds to help present a sense of individuality.

5. Custom Built Attic Trundle by Ashley Darryl

This renovated attic space/twin bedroom by Ashley Darryl makes use of many original materials such as the beautiful oak flooring, storied red-brick chimney, and high-vaulted ceiling design. The built-in twin trundle beds offer built-in reading lamps and bookcases to entice any afternoon reader. The open space leftover makes this mixed-purpose room a true inspiration.

6. Pink Luxe Twin Bedroom by Balcon Studio

This traditional twin bedroom design is as captivating as it is daring. It has tassels, flamingos, crushed velvet, and (not pictured) even sparkled silver seatbacks. Balcon Studio demonstrates their tactile prose in managing this similarly-toned set of elements and ambitious decor. This bedroom design probably sounds bad on paper but, at least in the hands of Balcon Studio, looks like a masterpiece.

7. Coastal Twin Bedroom by Palmer Weiss

This New England coastal guest bedroom design showcases two down-to-Earth Twin bed designs that make it so one can almost smell the ocean! The rattan headboards, the ocean-blue area rug, and the custom window dressing pose a strong coastal vibe while the traditional bedside table offers a tone of sophistication.

8. Custom Upholstered Twin Bedroom by Sarah Baeumler

This twin bedroom design by Sarah Baeumler showcases two custom upholstered twin beds built by Maison Luxe. The modern patterning mixed with natural materials gives this space a unique style that creates a sense of liveliness and strong individuality. The brown leather poufs are icing on the cake in this well-crafted youthful space.

9. Historic Farmhouse Twin Bedroom by Emily Connolly

This historic farmhouse twin bedroom retains the elements that characterize the late-1880s rural lifestyle. The wall-panelings were added during a recent redecorating project and help balance the feminine pinks seen on the upper walls and accent pillows. The natural hardwood flooring and recessed window areas make this a truly unique space.