Transitional Colonial Revival Home Design by RiccoStyle

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/20/2021

The transitional style is very fluid in presentation and can easily lose appeal should one allow style choices to become unbalanced. This traditional home features a slew of moldings, paneling, layouts and architectural features periodic of American Colonial style.

The design choices by RiccoStyle accentuate the shapes and foundational presence of this home while building a modernized feel on top. The bold colors, contemporary furniture and complementary decor make this a truly inspiring home tour. As you look through the photos of this home tour pay close attention to how the decor and color pallets counterbalance the traditional architecture.

Modernized Colonial Living

Walking towards the entrance of this well-landscaped home transports one back in time. This home features many of the architectural elements common among American Colonial homes. The stucco walls, curved window recesses, and decorated window shutters offer a slight flare of Spanish Colonial style into the mix as well.

The entryway to this home is housed in magnificent glass sidelights and a very ornate transom window. This solid wood paneled door showcases a glass doorknob as a testament to how much this designer paid attention to the details. The rich oak hardwood floors set the stage immediately upon entry.

As with many colonial homes, one of the first elements to greet one upon entry is the centrally located staircase. This white-on-wood design stages a beautiful array of ascending turned-post rails and beautiful hardwood treads.

Note the recessed paneling on the sides and the periodic metal-ended trestle hallway console—both of which reinforce the colonial style of this home. This staircase helps build an ambiance whether you’re venturing upstairs or continuing onwards among the first-floor rooms.

This home features a spacious dining room connecting to two other living areas. The patterned wallpaper offers a lively spring feel which is complemented by the elegant hanging ceiling light. The massive solid-wood pedestal table boasts room for 6 -8 to dine comfortably and showcases a mesmerizing collection of antique chairs.

Entering into this living space/library changes the tone from purely Colonial to something new entirely. The bold contemporary blues and almost eclectic furniture choices create a vibrant sense of energy in this space. The endless amounts of natural lighting make this room the perfect place to settle in with a book for a great morning read.

Showcasing more of this bold blue living room design, this shot presents the padded window seat that rests atop sliding storage access. The surrounding bookshelves and narrow double window design wrap this space up in the most wonderful of minutiae.

Venturing into the adjacent living room space showcases how the decorations serve to reinforce the more contemporary flair to counterbalance the strong colonial architectural elements. Not too much—but just enough to make a statement!

Venturing into the kitchen one finds an inspiring selection of stone, hardwood, and polished metal materials working in harmony. The polished brass cabinet hardware complements the dials and handles of the massive gas range. The tile backsplash, white-on-white cabinets, and large crown molding keep the colonial-style running strong here.

This reversed angle shows the hidden-panel refrigerator, the massive island, and the hanging glass Edison bulb ceiling lights. Note the extra counter space in the back complete with built-in bread warmer.

Venturing upstairs involves traversing this mesmerizing paneled wall stairwell which sits beneath an awe-inspiring glass ceiling feature. The high paneling meets the ceiling to sandwich another choice of bold blue color in this home.

The master bedroom upstairs showcases two custom-built bookshelf night tables, ample windows to let in natural light, and wall-mounted bedside reading lights. Note the ample space of this room which accommodates a seating area in the front corner of the home, overlooking the street.

This shot details one of the upstairs bedrooms that has been converted to a home office space. The floral-patterned wallpaper adds a subtle sense of movement to the room while the low ceilings and molding reminds one of the colonial design behind all the magic. The choice of contemporary desks and chairs create a unique balance of modern and old.

The upstairs bathroom features a beautiful claw-foot tub that’s been converted to a planter. The updated walk-in shower installed on the opposite takes on the burden of daily life while the tub retains a flavor of colonial living.

The beautiful period faucets remain on the claw-foot tub to transport those who discover this hidden gem back to early colonial America. The natural light really makes the ferns and plants come to life in this room.

This stairwell descends into the converted basement which now serves to accommodate guests by way of a bedroom, den and bathroom. The original stone foundation walls are proudly displayed as the newly-formed staircase descends into this welcoming auxiliary space.


The interior decor of this home, as well as many of the modernized features, were complete by RiccoStyle design. More information and pictures are available on the RiccoStyle website as well as their official Facebook page.