Sweetnight Twilight Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/02/2021

The Twilight mattress by Sweetnight is a hybrid memory foam + microcoil design. It’s one of the most affordable luxury mattress options on the market and has intuitive features for supporting healthy sleep patterns.

The Sweetnight Twilight mattress features a 5-layer design with a plush gel-infused memory foam layer on top. 775 micro coils help reduce motion transfer and provide open-air to support cool sleeping temperatures. Priced under $500, this is one of the best affordable mattresses we’ve seen.

Affordable Luxury


The Sweetnight Twilight is a bed-in-a-box design that offers great value. Its hybrid design offers the benefit of microcoil’s breathability and memory foam’s contouring support. The topmost layer of this mattress is a quilted memory foam to help reduce pressure points during the night.


The Twilight features a smart “edge-to-edge” targeted ergonomic support system to help the bed feel bigger. That is, stronger edge support allows one to sleep closer to the edge without worrying about slipping off.


The Twilight is designed to provide a “luxury firm” feel that Sweetnight rates as a 6.5/10 firmness, with 10 being the firmest value possible. The knitted cover is designed to promote airflow throughout the mattress as well as serving to repel pests such as dust mites.


The Twilight features a multi-layer design to leverage the advantage of several material types. There is gel-infused memory foam, high-density support foam, and individually-pocketed microcoils. Each of these layers offers a distinct benefit and their combination provides a holistic sleep support system.

Final Thoughts About the Sweetnight Twilight Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress

The Sweetnight Twilight is a hybrid memory foam design that hits all the high notes. It’s breathable, comes with a lifetime warranty, and will fit nicely on all bed types. It comes with a lifetime warranty, ships for free, and contains Certi-PUR certified materials. The Twilight is an attractive mattress for anyone looking for better back support and thermal control, but the $450 price tag makes it downright irresistible!