Styling For An Active Family

Posted In Design - 02/07/2017

Who doesn’t want an immaculately styled home, ready for the pages of your favorite design magazine? However, when an active family is inhabiting that home, maintaining a photo-ready look calls for some strategic design decisions. Through deliberate fabric choices, creative storage solutions and selections that fit your lifestyle, even the most active family can maintain a stylish home they’ll be proud to show off.

One of the top concerns of any active family is the potential for spills and heavy wear to ruin a carefully styled look. Fortunately, style and durability are not mutually exclusive. By choosing items made with certain materials, you can reasonably enjoy your chic new look for years to come. When selecting a new sofa, loveseat, chair or sectional, families might want to consider durable, easy-to-clean fabrics such as Microfiber or synthetic materials with the quality look of leather. These fabrics not only look great, but they can hold their own in high traffic areas and make clean-up easy when accidents happen. You may also want to consider these fabrics when selecting upholstered dining chairs for easy clean-up after mealtime. Alternatively, choose modern designs, which tend to have sleek lines and fewer cracks and crevices to collect crumbs.

Another top concern of active families is a way to corral the clutter. The more people you have in your family, the more stuff you will need to store. Incorporating extra storage space into your home doesn’t have to detract from your style; in fact, it can enhance it. For example, select a stylish TV console or wall unit to expand the storage space in your living room. This will not only provide a chic spot for your TV and media components, but many styles include additional cabinet or drawer space that can be used for storing toys, school supplies and more. Some sectionals also include built-in storage compartments which can be useful for tucking away remote controls, magazines or small electronics.

The best thing an active family can do when styling their home is to select furniture that suits their lifestyle. If your family tends to spend a lot of time connecting over meals or throwing dinner parties, choose a large dining table with leaves that can extend the tabletop to accommodate guests. If weekly movie nights are how your family bonds, invest in home theater or sectional seating that will keep everyone comfy. If you tend to entertain a lot of overnight guests, consider a sleeper sofa to easily transform any living space into an extra bedroom. By choosing furniture that enhances your lifestyle, you can keep any family home magazine-worthy.

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