Sophisticated Dark Blue Living Room by Kristine Hall

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/20/2021

Dark blue living spaces can be some of the most inviting out there. There’s always a fine line to be walked between inviting and moody—darker blues can get out-of-hand fast. Kristine Hall of Restoring Lansdowne demonstrates how to create a balance of blue such that moodiness is never an issue.

This dark blue living room showcases a sophisticated, almost-traditional, design style. The choices of traditional, luxe and even mid-century furniture and decor demonstrate Hall’s mastery of stylistic balance. The large white crown, bright natural light, and white area rug help keep things from getting too dark.

A Sophisticated Illustration of Blue

This shot showcases the many darker-colored elements of this space’s decor. The black hearth and mantle, the black drawer chest in the corner, and even the purple and dark blue velvet seating—on paper this room appears moody. The large white crown, ample natural light, and choice to go with a neutral grey on some other surfaces help keep things in balance.

This shot showcases the dynamic color pallet used in this living room. Dark blues, near-blacks, and Earth greys all work together to create the dark tones by which this space captures attention. The brass accents, medium brown walnuts, and white elements work in concert to keep the undertones lofty and light.

This framing of the mantle and fireplace showcases the magnificent mix of traditional elements in contemporary prose. The chic blacks and bold blues keep the more traditional elements a much-appreciated refreshment. Note the Earthy tone of the hardwood flooring here as well.

This shot, showing the seating opposite the fireplace, showcases a display of color and pattern that creeps towards the Mid-Century look. The purple crushed velvet sofa pairs wonderfully with the round brass cocktail table and the photo gallery on the wall help balance out the darker tones.

This sneak peek into the corner of the room showcases just how deeply designer Kristine Hall committed herself to the look of this room. Note the return run on the crown molding, the extra thick design (and painted surfaces) of the shelving, and the cohesive choice of decor. While many such areas of rooms often go unnoticed, this custom bookcase area makes a lasting impression.

This shot shows the beautiful danish-inspired sideboard and the playful yellow accents. When seen together, the purple crushed velvet tufted chair’s color seems to rub off on the fireplace and mantle. This shot frames many of the unique stylistic components of this space onto a stage of natural Earth tones seen in the pine flooring.

More Information

More photos of this dark blue living room can be found on the Restoring Lansdowne website or on Kristine Hall’s Instagram.