Rustic Style: Natural, Rugged, and Timeworn

Posted In Design - 09/13/2019

Rustic decor comes in such a wide variety of flavors that it can be hard to describe succinctly. Think of designs such as a woodsy lodge, country farmhouse, refurbished barn, or vintage cottage. Industrial style also showcases its fair share of rustic elements as well.

When outfitting your home with rustic style, look for furnishings that have rough or distressed finishes resulting from hand-hewn techniques, repurposed material or timeworn use. Some pieces can showcase age-old crafting techniques such as simple wood joinery or fabrics with loose or irregular weaves. Present in rustic designs are natural fibers with lots of texture. You’ll also see deeply stained wood furnishings, dark leather chairs, and woven rugs.

Whether you are going for a completely rustic design for your home or just looking to add a few interesting elements, below are some great looks in rustic furnishings.

Rustic Country

Notice barn door elements and finishes that boldly showcase the wood grain. Metal hardware and accents have a weathered patina. Woven elements, textured fabrics, and rich earthy colors are used throughout.

Rustic Craftsman

Rather than a sleek modern look, in rustic rooms, the leather or microfiber upholstery has texture and looks well worn. Wood surfaces have been distressed and the finish can have an aged look with dark and light details. Here a cow hide rug layered on top of a subtly patterned area rug lends instant rustic warmth. Repurposed corrugated metal creates a striking accent wall.

Modern Rustic

It sounds counterintuitive, but rustic and modern work very well together. Often referred to as Rustic Chic, consider pieces with simple modern lines and rustic timeworn finishes like this fresh bedroom set crafted embracing the look of reclaimed wood. Capitalizing on lighter tones the juxtaposition creates an open and airy look that is still has a very warm and welcoming feel to it.

Cozy Cottage

Classic slat back chairs and a mix of rich wood surfaces with antique white bases come together for cozy country cottage appeal. The paint has been hand-rubbed to imbue a sense of history. Wood surfaces are rough or distressed. Pewter hardware has been aged. Area rugs add texture with a deep weave in jute or other natural materials.

Natural Colors and Materials

In rustic spaces, you’ll find fabrics and upholstery in shades like deep browns, rich red, burnt umber, dark green, taupe, tan, and white. These textiles are paired with woods that are richly finished or left rough and natural. Furnishings are constructed solidly and have a substantial feel.

Rustic spaces tend to be casual and inviting. Not too fussy and filled with a relaxed, well-worn feel. Rustic elements can weave their way into many design styles, adding depth and interest to your interior whether you start with just a few elements or go for a complete rustic look.

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