6 Trendy Live Edge Epoxy River Cocktail Tables

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/04/2021

Epoxy River Tables are hybrid furniture pieces made from wooden planks divided by an epoxy resin filling between them. The term "live river" refers to the table's resemblance to a river flow, given how the natural edges of these wooden planks contain an epoxy resin mix that emulates the body of water.

Organic Beauty Meets Ingenuity

What makes live-edge epoxy river cocktail tables stand out is their creative designs, which can vary depending on the wooden planks’ shape, color, and other unique characteristics. By complementing these features with the high-gloss of epoxy resin, you can get homemade furniture pieces with a unique flair.

Creating a live edge epoxy river coffee table can be a fulfilling and challenging project, which many consider therapeutic and financially rewarding. However, only practice and experience can give you the dreamy live epoxy furniture your home needs. Taking on a live river epoxy table DIY project requires the right tools, materials, and patience to master a steep learning curve.

Thankfully, there’s no need to learn the ins and outs of DIY live edge epoxy furniture! Today we’ve created a list of top-notch curators capable of creating a piece tailored to your expectations in record time, allowing you to enjoy the hottest interior design trend completely stress-free!

The Monstera Epoxy Cocktail Table


IZARA Woods brings us their decorative Monstera leaf coffee table. The Monstera Leaf Coffee Table features durable oak wood filled with a green-based epoxy resin that creates a stunning aqua watercolor. Protected by a linseed oil and beeswax finish, the table is a durable item that can fit in any space but works best alongside lush plants.

Fine Wood Creations Dark & Green Cocktail Table


Using heavily cracked, dark walnut wood planks, Fine Wood Creations present us with their Dark & Green versatile live edge epoxy table. Its green transparent glass contrasts with the turquoise resin glowing pigments used in its mix, giving way to its light-game as illumination varies throughout the day.

The Wood Lab Sky Blue Epoxy River Coffee Table


Wood Lab creates locally sourced, sustainable, and eco-friendly furniture, art & home goods. The excellent work they do on their Eagle, Idaho woodshop speaks for itself as well as through this elegant coffee table. Named Sky Blue after being inspired to replicate the beautiful scenery of Eagle Island State Park, the table merges old-growth black walnut live edge planks with a non-toxic resin mix.

The Elko Hardwood Oak Coffee Table


Elko Hardwoods is a contemporary furniture company that specializes in live-edge furniture designs. Their Oak Coffee table presents a more sober and elegant alternative to other transparent epoxy resins. Their curators took great care in preserving the knots, shape, and imperfections of this table’s white oak planks to produce a seamless merge with their opaque, black resin. This coffee & cocktail table is a top-of-the-line addition to any modern or contemporary living room setup.

The Country Lane LLC Furniture Epoxy River Table


The key to this Walnut Epoxy River Table lies in selecting walnut planks with the right shape to showcase a light-to-dark wood color gradient. The green-tinted resin mix allowed this gorgeous table to achieve its aesthetic high point through a delicate emerald tone. The Country Lane LLC curators added convenience to their stylish creation by adding a custom metal base with a medium to low black sheen, giving you a beautiful cocktail table perfect for any occasion.

CVCF Spalted Maple Coffee Table


Last but not least, Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is a family-owned business that takes great passion in creating stunning Live Edge Epoxy tables of all sizes. Their Spalted Maple Coffee & Cocktail Live Edge Epoxy table showcases a turquoise epoxy resin to fill a river in its tabletop. They can also replicate their beautiful design using other colors and wooden planks (depending on your decorating needs).

Final Thoughts About Epoxy River Tables

Displaying the natural beauty found in the wood is the essence of live edge woodworking. Ultimately, this means taking steps to preserve the wooden planks natural edges to fill the void between them with an epoxy resin mix of your choice.

Multiple techniques allow each curator to produce distinct and original creations that showcase their personal stories and capabilities. By manipulating pigment quantities, unique color combinations (each with varying hues and lightness) are born. These qualified curators fully understand these principles and complex crafting methods to perfection, creating some of the best edge epoxy river cocktail tables in the market.