10 Breath-Taking Ranch House Ideas

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/25/2021

The single-story ranch house design remains a favorite across the USA. With a focus on indoor-outdoor flow, these structures tend to be easier to remodel than other types of houses.

The ranch house’s attention to accessibility, openness and space gives these types of homes an edge when it comes to remodeling. Not only are they budget-friendlier than multi-storied homes, but they’re also great for open-concept designs that continue to trend this year.

Ranch House Ideas

Whether you’re the owner of a California, Suburban, or Storybook ranch, our review team has put together a list of the best ranch house ideas for this year that you’ll want to see. We’ll go over the best that Mediterranean, contemporary, and even modern design has to offer you and your new home. Let’s begin!

Turn your Ranch House into a Mediterranean Villa


If you appreciate simplicity and elegance, then you’ll love this Mediterranean-style ranch house idea. The talented Jauregui Architect team recreated the best of Italian Renaissance in this Austin residence.


The Aegean-blue square pouf and cerulean seats perfectly match the Tuscan-styled interior. The furniture glamorously contrasts with the structure’s bricks, beams, and slate floors to create a marvelous interior.

Add Midcentury Flair to your Ranch House


When it comes to elegance and sharp contrasts, mid-century interior design never disappoints. Mark Ashby Design successfully recreated a large, formal 1950s home with a modern open concept theme. The black leather chairs and comfy pebble-grey sofa sharply contrast with the structure’s white walls, featuring a gorgeous Forsythia Bush as the living room focal point. The vaulted ceiling and exposed beam overlook this gorgeous composition to perfection.

Black and White Color Scheme is a Safe Choice


Terra Firma Custom Homes has built their reputation around two key factors: long-term relationships and high-quality craftsmanship. This contemporary ranch house idea is the result of a collaboration between the architect, designer, and client, all of which worked together to create a cost-effective and stylish home. Contemporary style works best with sober color palettes, making this black and white color scheme an excellent choice to accompany the structure’s rustic wooden features.

A Modern Backyard for your Ranch House


Cahill Studio Sonoma remodeled this ranch house backyard to include a gorgeous rectangular concrete lap pool. A stamped concrete road invites you to sit by the wooden deck and enjoy the magnificent view. Whether you’re enjoying the sun’s warmth before going for a swim or enjoying the night’s star-filled sky with close friends, this modern ranch house backyard is the go-to place for relaxation and introspection.

Add Custom Pieces to Your Kitchen


Have you ever felt like your home’s color scheme and style are great, but something is somehow missing? Mahoney Architects and Interiors knew what the homeowner meant. This talented team came up with a clever solution: adding a custom island to the u-shaped kitchen area.

By introducing a custom island kitchen and adding dark wooden seats, the room’s focal point shifted. The resulting contrast proves that sometimes, a single custom-ordered piece from a talented artisan can make all the difference.

Adopt an 1800s Hacienda Look


Tom Meaney skillfully completed a challenging design objective: turn a six-acre ocean view parcel into a replica of an 1800’s California Hacienda. The result is quite simply said, breath-taking: by combining the adobe structures with walled gardens and terraces, the quaint details you’d find two hundred years ago are replicated to perfection.


This open concept living room features a lively and colorful atmosphere. The turquoise and mustard accents match the stair’s handmade details, creating a cohesive aesthetic that takes you back to a simpler time.

Integrate Eclectic Glamour


Imagine traveling to a dozen countries without leaving your leaving room: that is the power of eclectic design. This M.A.P Interiors composition does that by bringing pieces of different corners of the world into a well-balanced interior.

This living room greets you with a luxurious mid-century Italian leather sofa and an Eileen Gray side table, merging European and American design and comfort in a powerful duo. The Noguchi coffee table, Asian rugs, and antiques bring the refined far east to this home, creating a playful yet thought-provoking composition.

Rustic and Elegant Ranch House


The expert designers over at Koch Architects managed to recreate rustic elegance in this residence’s interior. Creating a sophisticated interior that coexists with a single wooden tonality present on the walls and ceiling is challenging. But Koch Architects managed to achieve this balance with the help of masterfully placed lighting. Notice how the fumed French white oak flooring beautifully contrasts with the rustic mahogany furniture to create an equally elegant and vibrant composition for this dining room.

Scandinavian-styled Ranch House


SHED Architecture and Design reminds us that sometimes, less is more. Scandinavian design and minimalist design are interchangeable terms to describe sophisticated, uncluttered homes with neutral color schemes, and this ranch house idea certainly checks all the boxes.

This kitchen in Seattle features wood countertops, a gray backsplash, and a gorgeous quartz kitchen island to match the walls. The excellent use of natural lighting and polished floors soothe the senses and shields you from today’s anxious and fast-paced lifestyle.

Introduce Modernity to your Ranch House


Mary Anne Smiley has become one of the top designers in Dallas with good reason. By carefully distributing color accents and adding an innovative mix of antiques and premium textiles, she’s able to create avant-garde interiors.

This modern ranch house is an excellent sample of her work: the rugged beige stone wall serves as the composition’s primary color, while the assortment of light pecan sofa and bright-colored furniture add vibrant modernity to any home.

Final Thoughts About Ranch Home Designs

While ranch homes are no longer the most sought-after build in the USA, they’re still popular thanks to the 1950s ranch house boom. Many believe that their affordable and practical design is poised to make a comeback, so if you’re the lucky owner of a typical ranch house, we recommend drawing inspiration from our ranch house ideas list and remodeling it as soon as possible!