Purchasing A Mattress For Your Best Sleep

Posted In Knowledge - 02/03/2017

Buying a new mattress is a big decision. Most people keep their mattresses for about eight years, so you’ll want to be sure that it’s not only comfortable but also provides a restorative night’s sleep tailored to your body’s individual needs. The first decision you will need to make when shopping for a mattress (besides determining whether you need a King, Queen, Full or Twin size mattress) is whether you prefer the body-contouring feel of a memory foam mattress or the springy support of an innerspring mattress.

Memory foam mattresses, offered by popular brands including Tempur-Pedic and iComfort, utilize advanced foam material to conform to the shape of your body and provide support precisely where it is needed. These mattresses do not typically contain traditional mattress coils, and instead utilize a dense foam core in addition to multiple comfort layers, often treated with heat-dissipating technology, to deliver your desired level of cushioning and support.

The best way to determine which mattress is right for you it to try out several models and see what feels best.

Innerspring mattresses, offered by well-known brands including Beautyrest, Serta and Sealy, utilize an advanced innerspring system to deliver deep down support with a springier feel, in addition to multiple comfort layers which adjust the level of cushioning to match your preference. Innerspring mattresses sometimes also utilize materials including latex, gel memory foam and performance fabric to create a more breathable, comfortable sleep surface. Pocketed coil innerspring systems allow each coil to flex independently, isolating movement and providing targeted support.

Once you’ve determined which type of mattress best fits your needs, you’ll need to decide on the level of comfort that feels best to you. Premium mattresses are offered in many levels of firmness, from extra firm to ultra plush. Innerspring mattresses are also offered in several different designs, including tight top, euro top and pillowtop. Euro top and pillowtop mattresses include an additional comfort layer that you can see when looking at the mattress profile. These types of mattresses always offer additional cushioning, but may still range from firm to plush, depending on the density of the foam materials that make up the comfort layer.

Although the level of comfort is primarily a matter of personal preference, sleepers with special concerns may want to consider specific mattress types to accommodate their needs. For example, stomach sleepers are often advised to sleep on a firm mattress, while side and back sleepers will want a mattress with adaptive support to promote ideal body alignment. The best way to determine which mattress is right for you is to try out several models and see what feels best. Some retailers even offer additional mattress buying assistance through interactive mattress quizzes that narrow down the options to fit your needs. With the variety of premium mattress options on the market, you’re sure to find one that’s best for you.

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