9 Phenomenal Bedroom Sets to Redesign Your Domain

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/09/2021

When it comes to interior design, symmetry and consistency are two major factors that should be present in your bedroom. Bedroom sets guarantee that your bedroom will match a specific theme, color scheme without sacrificing your rooms’ cohesive aesthetic.

Bedroom sets ensure that you have quality, matching décor to make your bedroom a stress-free restorative space for you. Today we’ve selected these wonderful bedroom sets that merge all the functionality and exquisite aesthetics you deserve. Let’s begin!

Homelegance Edina Platform Bedroom Set


The first item on our list of phenomenal bedroom sets in the world is the Edina Platform Bedroom Set from Homelegance. This set gives your bedroom a refined touch. You’ll notice that every piece has a rich finish to project a timeless décor that suits traditional, transitional, and even contemporary interior design styles. Furthermore, by including both a nightstand and a dresser you’ll have all the necessary storage for your everyday needs.

Zoey Dark Brown Platform Bedroom Set by Homelegance


The second item on our list of phenomenal bedroom sets is the Zoey 2 Piece Platform Bedroom Set in Dark Brown Vinyl by Homelegance. By joining the bed platform with a nightstand you get a lower profile silhouette that prevents empty spaces while preserving symmetry. Its placement guarantees that your nightstand storage is always at hand for maximum comfort and soothing appeal.

Cindy Crawford Home Westover Hills Brown Panel Bedroom Set


The third item on our list of phenomenal bedroom sets in the world is the Westover Hills Brown 5 Pc Queen Panel Bedroom by Cindy Crawford. This configurable bedroom set comes with five masterfully crafted, separate pieces of furniture. The wood's vivid color enhances any neutral color palette of your choice while preserving the room’s symmetry.

SOFTSEA 3 Piece Upholstered Bedroom Set


The fourth item on our list of phenomenal bedroom sets in the world is the 3 Piece Upholstered Bedroom Set by SOFTSEA. It can work as the perfect set for Hollywood Regency-themed bedrooms, as its design offers a fresh twist on the traditional. The simplicity of having an upholstered bed with a sturdy, color contrasting nightstand, gives your room a modern vibe.

Dana Point Brown King Panel Bedroom Set


The fifth item on our list of phenomenal bedroom sets in the world is the Dana Point Brown 5 Pc King Panel Bedroom set. With moderate scaling and soft contemporary design, this beautiful bedroom possesses the organic appeal of today’s popular Scandinavian modern designs. Its sturdy wardrobe and nightstand are easy to position and capable of storing your everyday essentials.

Paula Bedroom Set by Homelegance


The sixth item on our list of phenomenal bedroom sets in the world is the Paula Bedroom Set with Queen Bed, Nightstand, Dresser and Mirror by Homelegance. This elegant bedroom set offers you a furniture combo worthy of any minimalist or beach house interior design. Notice how the set’s nightstand and dresser are both highly functional as well as gorgeously crafted, thanks to its breathing joinery construction.

Eleanor Vintage Industrial Canopy Bedroom Set


The seventh on our list of phenomenal bedroom sets in the world is the Eleanor Vintage Industrial Metal Canopy Bedroom Set by Baxton Studio. This sets upholstered canopy bed draws your attention as the room’s focal point, while its distinguished silhouette evokes luxury in perfect Art-Deco fashion. This bedroom set has been skillfully handcrafted, and it inspires a clear sense of elegant beauty and attention to detail only a few designers are able to replicate.

Midtown Loft Natural King Panel Bedroom Set


The eighth item on our list of phenomenal bedroom sets in the world is the Midtown Loft Natural King Panel Bedroom set. A gorgeous furniture array that favors traditional farmhouse interior design, as its pieces offer functionality, frugality, and accessibility. This gorgeous wooden bedroom set is also great for beach house bedrooms since its delicate wooden tones seamlessly pair with deep blue tones.

The Vanda Modern Queen Platform Set by Baxton Studio


The last item on our list of phenomenal bedroom sets in the world is the Vanda Modern and Contemporary Queen Platform Bed Set by Baxton Studio. With a contemporary twist on its headboard, this bed & nightstand combo adds softness, roundness, and overall lightness to your room. The furniture’s sophisticated silhouettes favor modern or contemporary setups, but it’s their organic and elegant appeal to intimate spaces that truly sets it apart.

Final Thoughts About Bedroom Sets for Your Home

These delightful nightstands for your house serve two practical purposes: improving your quality of life and elevating your room’s aesthetics to the next level. Organizing your bedroom’s essentials with a convenient bedside table will also save you countless stressful trips in the middle of the night, and help you ease into a deep sleep. We hope that you’ve enjoyed our top picks for today, feel free to check out other cool furniture choices here!