The Most Popular IKEA items in the US by State.

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/25/2021

IKEA took the world by storm and continues to expand its catalog of affordable—though sometimes frustrating—modern furniture. A recent market survey took a deep dive into the most popular IKEA furniture in the United States.

Popularity Contest

The results of this study detail which items are popular by State and Region, as well as the country as a whole. It’s truly interesting to see data on this subject! These numbers were collected using Google trends’ data. That allowed the crew to put together a pretty entertaining detail of the best and most popular IKEA products in the US.

IKEA’s Billy Bookcase wins the popularity contest by a landslide. This functional, affordable, and unimposing design is great for any home. It’s modular, sturdy, and can even be used for impromptu shelving in a pinch. Here’s a list of the other popular items from IKEA:

In addition, the data shows which items were most popular on a State-by-State basis. Beds, couches and shelving were popular across the board. Some surprises include New Jersey’s apparent love of floor lamps, Arizona’s passion for curtains (too much sun maybe?), and Texas’s lackluster affinity for the IKEA vase.

Check out the IKEA data for a complete breakdown by category and region.

IKEA Design

Browsing through the IKEA catalog—especially the popular items—is a great way to find design inspiration. There’s something there to spark your creative streak whether you’re looking for beds, dining furniture, or re-decorating your home office.

IKEA isn’t known to be a producer of the highest quality furniture on the market but they are affordable. They also don’t advertise themselves to be anything else. One of their most popular line of products is their modular kitchen cabinets.

These cabinets can be used for a strong, yet surprisingly affordable, the backbone to any kitchen re-design project. Just try out the IKEA home builder (splashplanner) app to see what options are available.