Metropolitan Chic Loft by BAC Design Group

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/24/2021

Traveling to Traverse City is a wonderful experience: the beautiful sights of the West Bay coastline are a treat many residence owners seek to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. The following loft curated by the BAC Design Group squeezes every advantage its location grants thanks to the contemporary-chic approach given to every room.

BAC Designs exquisitely makes the bay as much a part of this loft and invites everyone to bask in the balcony’s ambiance or the fresh atmosphere of the living room, dining room, and kitchen area. Perhaps the most avant-garde take of contemporary design is evident in the most intimate areas, bringing you a gorgeous surprise in which the architecture of the loft is fully leveraged in favor of producing a truly elegant space.

Metropolitan Chic Home Remodel

Contemporary designs are known for combining trendy elements as a way to stay as current as possible. Nevertheless, by using industrial elements and chic decors across this joint area, the loft surprisingly combines raw modernity with the pleasant coziness every home should offer its occupants.

In order to create a feeling of spaciousness, the contemporary design style usually adopts an open floor plan concept. As we mentioned before, by making the balcony so accessible to the point of becoming almost an extension of the kitchen/ dining area, BAC Designers used the loft's natural light to contrast the industrial kitchen wall, blending with the contemporary light grey colored cabinets.

Notice how the ample, metal-framed windows allow the natural light to beautifully reflect upon the kitchen island top: cleanliness and elegance are paired with chic-themed decors such as the shown plant vases, fruit baskets, and wine service platter.

Metropolitan chic means using the elegant and sober takes of contemporary designs on a residence, while combining them with the casual, understated look that the chic style provides. The loft’s living room complements the kitchen area (on its right side) with a hip, colorful atmosphere.

Hallways shine by their simplicity and good combination between slidable vintage pewter doors and the rustic aspect of this loft’s floors. A powerful contrast can be appreciated between the brown and the cream chic paint palette chosen by BAC curators.

Differentiating spaces by using opposing tones of paint is not only common but apropos when executing chic style interior designs: the picture above shows the salmon tone fitting room area (preceding the master bedroom), incorporating contrasting (color-wise) yet harmonic (style-wise) elements such as the canvas impressionist photo print and this traditional console table.

The fitting room space is maximized by BAC designers by choosing a traditional slidable double door for the closet, simultaneously a colonial large size mirror beautifully adds that necessary chic appeal effortlessly.

Perhaps the most contemporary favored areas in this loft are the master & guest bedrooms. Light gray paint is predominant to favor spaciousness & freshness, furthermore what was once a separating wall within this room, was transformed into an artistic piece of abstract architecture, adding elegance and originality.

The loft’s bathrooms glow elegantly by using geometric patterns (for a needed sense of order). The counters’ tops, mirrors, lamps and washing fixtures sway between a traditional & industrial style, delicately preserving elegance and consistency.

Texture-wise, notice the synergy between the exposed white brick wall, the floor’s mosaic rustic wood, the flamboyant oak (used in cabinets and the base of the bathtub), and the abundantly white ceramic: it doesn’t get any more contemporary than that.


BAC Design Group managed to deliver a truly metropolitan loft, with a major emphasis on bringing comfort, beauty, and timeless luxury. By incorporating industrial and rustic elements, a different contemporary execution is delivered without the need for the standard neutral palette or minimalistic resources.

Other delightful projects can be enjoyed through their website, as well as their Instagram and Facebook posts. Their mastery of interior design concepts and impeccable attention to detail is well worth a visit!