Make a Statement with Oversized Wall Art

Posted In Design - 07/18/2019

While some modest pieces of wall decor are designed to add subtle nuance to a space, oversized artwork commands immediate attention. Whether in bright colors or muted tones, including artwork that is sized 48" or larger in your room creates a presence in your space that can show off your personality, style aesthetic or color scheme in a unique and sophisticated way.

Whether you choose a horizontally or vertically oriented piece of art depends on the wall space available, ceiling heights, and the other elements of your room. Tall ceilings allow for verticality while wide rooms with low ceilings are more likely to better accommodate horizontally arranged pieces. Many abstract and modern pieces can be hung either way.

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Living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and home offices are all potential candidates for large art pieces. However, spaces like foyers, hallways, staircases, and bathrooms can be a surprisingly chic locales for oversized wall décor. As you plan, remember that in addition to the wall space needed to hang your piece you’ll also want to be sure that there is enough space to allow you to stand back and appreciate the art piece as a whole.

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What style of art is best for your home? Since large-scale artwork has such a commanding presence you’ll want to spend extra time considering the right look for your space. Abstract artworks well with modern, contemporary, eclectic and even bohemian spaces. With undefined composition and open-ended interpretation, colors rather than subject matter set the tone. Traditional wall decor can showcase your love of travel, appreciation for nature or architectural beauty.

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A dramatic modern or classic piece can add grandeur to formal spaces while casual and more subdued pieces keep cozy rooms open and inviting.

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Create an accent color in a neutral room with an oversized canvas artwork that showcases one key hue. Build on that color with lamps throw pillows and an area rug in similar shades and patterns.

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An oversized wall clock is a perfect accompaniment to a rustic dining room, whereas a dramatic abstract contemporary wall decor fits modern furnishings.

With so many styles and color palettes to choose from in large scale art, finding the right piece can take some research and experimentation. Find something that catches your eye and keeps you captivated.  Then have fun pulling the room together with coordinating accents.

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