Living Room Decorating Ideas

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/14/2021

Our living rooms are host to memories with friends, family members, and loved ones. Of all the living room ideas, the company within may be the most important. Assuming you have that handled, this collection is about all the fun, inspiring and creative living room decorating ideas you can use to create a most hospitable domain.

Living Room Decor to Impress

Living rooms can drive the pulse of a home. Chances are, your living room is central to your daily experience. Does your living room inspire you? As much time as we spend in our living rooms, it should be among all our priorities to create inspired designs there. Below you’ll find a series of tips to help bring your living room into a much livelier plane of existence!

Bold Wall Colors

Using vibrant colors on walls can set the tone in a room faster than anything else. The color accents everything else being said and be used as a canvas on which to paint or as a primary point of focus. This transitional living room showcases a bold modern blue paired with traditional-style architectural elements.

Paint Trim a Different Color

Painting trim, molding, mullions and other framing-type elements with an accent color creates a very unique feel. This pre-war colonial space showcases a masterful balance of boldly painted windows, doors, and crown molding resting on a soft neutral backdrop. Note the reinforcement offered by the similarly colored blue accent chairs and area rug.

Use Patterns and Bright Accent Colors

This overhead show showcases the use of intricate geometric patterns and bold accent colors. This living room decor concept showcases two accent chairs paired with a similarly patterned area rug. It’s easy to overdo these pairings so be mindful of how patterns will interplay. It always pays to compare patterns before buying furniture!

Use Accent Furniture to Make a Statement

Well-chosen furniture can solidify a room design with ease. Furniture collections needn’t be bought en masse—pairing similar styles, textures, and color tones can bring a room together easily. A well-placed accent chair—standing apart from the surrounding motif—makes an unmistakable statement. Just be mindful of what kind of statement you’re making! In this living room design, a white furry accent chair adds a luxe chic feel to this living room.

Large Wall Art & Hanging Decor

Finding a large piece of artwork, or several smaller pieces of art can add an impactful presence to living rooms. For those leery of painting walls bold colors, covering large bare wall spaces in colorful art is a great compromise. If you get tired of the color—it’s much easier to change! In this living room design, note the prevalent display of artwork that compliments the chosen accent color.

Decorate With Objects of Interest

Knick-knacks can easily be collected in such a way that creates a sense of harmony. Adding random objects you’ve collected to display shelves, bookshelves and even tabletops can help tell an interesting story to all that enter your living room. Note this simple living room shelf arrangement. The green plants compliment the tone of the wall and the other neutral tones simply stay out of the way. This simple approach turned an otherwise awkward area into one filled with mystique.

Use Natural Materials for Furniture and Decor

This living room decor showcases a medley of natural materials and Earthy tones. In accordance with the fluid nature of natural materials, using objects with rounded designs or soft edges can help reinforce this look. Note how the spalted maple cocktail table almost looks to be part of the round woven rattan pieces of art hanging on the wall. This space demonstrates that cohesion transcends color alone and can be found in avenues such as texture as well.

Use Accent Pillows

Chances are your living room has some kind of seating. Whether that’s a sectional sofa, a loveseat or just some funky accent chair—there’s always room for accent pillows! Finding a collection of similarly styled accent pillows can help take your living room decor to the next level. The best part? It’s super affordable to make a huge impression this way. Note how the accent pillows in this Southeby’s Home living room resonate with the underlying decor.

Don’t Be Afraid of Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas are great additions to nearly any living room. They create ample seating and, in many cases, help use otherwise neglected space such as corners. Sectionals come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. Many are modular and can be customized to fit your space or preferred arrangement.

Throw Blankets & Soft Surroundings

Having an ample number of blankets and other soft surroundings can make any living room space much more inviting. In contrast to minimal modernist spaces, a warm and inviting throw blanket invites guests with open arms and welcomes them to stay awhile. For the best impact, coordinate the color tones and textures of your throw blankets with other pieces in the space. In this living room, note the color and texture of the furry throw blanket compliments the woven accent table.

Contemporary Geometric Lines & Open Spaces

This contemporary living room showcases a tasteful array of contemporary furniture, open living spaces, and beautiful natural materials. The ample sunlight and white wall color help the energy of this living room resonate in a positively inspiring way. Note the matching cocktail tables and large modern area rug.

Chic Living Room

This open loft chic living room dramatically elevates the property’s status and aesthetics. Winchester & ottoman style furniture with a warmer color palette & fabrics works brilliantly to that end. This powerful combination is capable of simultaneously transmitting coziness and sophistication. Notice how the balcony is almost an extension of this gorgeous living room, and its ample metal-framed windows provide all the natural lighting you could need.

Play with Negative Space

This Scandinavian living room adheres to the hygge philosophy (and negative space) usage to perfection. Negative space seeks to reduce clutter in a living area and is a concept often tied to minimalism. By reducing the number of items and decor in a room, they look more spacious and sophisticated. This is especially true if there are contrasting colors already present throughout the property.