Leesa Foam Mattress

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/10/2021

The founders of Leesa started their company with the goal of providing consumers with a more affordable luxury mattress option. The mattress industry has been riddled with overpriced designs historically, and Leesa offers one of the best new mattress designs which is responsible for helping to upend the mattress market in recent years.

Innovation & Comfort

Since its inception, Leesa has worked fruitfully to help redefine what a mattress should be in modern times. This endeavor has resulted from a top-down overhaul of traditional manufacturing processes and resulted in a direct-to-consumer sales model—backed by a tremendous product. What this means for consumers is a better product, better price, and better overall warranties and guarantees. Most mattresses of days passed are designed around a bed of interwoven steel coils. This design is effective at taking up a lot of space and being cheap to make—but not much more! The advent of Memory Foam saw a new affinity for soft contouring mattresses but buyers soon began to complain of heat retention and prices. Leesa’s flagship product, their 3 layer foam mattress, features a uniquely re-imagined foam design.


Leesa Mattresses have a layered design to offer support and contouring.

Layered For Support & Comfort

The issue with many memory foam mattresses is their tendency to ‘swallow’ those that sleep on them and to hold a lot of heat. This results in an experience of not being able to adequately shift positions throughout the night and also waking up a hot sweaty mess. Leesa’s foam mattress tackled these issues by providing a layered approach to its design.

Layer One

The topmost layer is a patented type of foam called Avena foam, which has been engineered to help promote continuous airflow throughout the night. This porous layer is very efficient at helping to dissipate heat throughout the night and avoid the overheating often experienced among entirely memory foam mattresses.

Layer Two

The second layer is a 2-inch memory foam that is designed to provide that unmatched ability to avoid pressure points and shaping to every unique contour of the body. This material offers all the benefits of memory foam but has the top layer to help control the heat.

Layer Three

Underneath this layer of memory foam resides a 6-inch thick dense foam base to help provide robust support. This layer provides excellent motion support and helps avoid the sagging (sinking) experiences often related to sleeping on memory foam mattresses. Leesa recognizes that this type of innovation is often met with great skepticism. To help consumers feel confident in their purchase, as well as feel able to take a chance on them, Leesa has built an amazing support and guarantee system.

Leesa’s memory foam mattress is wrapped in a comfortable outer layer made of cotton.

Leesa’s Tremendous Support

Leesa reviews all of their customer feedback with a deep sense of awareness of what consumers demand from their manufacturers. To help potential buyers purchase with greater confidence, Leesa has developed a 3 stage support system that helps address the largest pain points involved with buying a new mattress.

100-Night In-Home Trial

First, Leesa offers a no-questions-asked 100-night in-home trial of their mattresses. This means that you are able to order a mattress, sleep on it for 100 nights, and then still return it for a complete refund if you aren’t satisfied with the quality. A common issue with new mattresses is that people suddenly realize their bed frames don’t accommodate standard mattress sizes! Read our guide to bed and mattress sizes for more info on that.

Free Shipping

Second, Leesa offers free shipping on their products to help avoid the added cost. There’s nothing more painful than to decide on a large purchase—only to be met with an exorbitant shipping charge during checkout! Their unique packaging allows for Leesa mattresses to fit into a very small box that can easily be shipped via standard ground carriers like UPS.

10-Year Warranty

Third, Leesa offers a 10-year full replacement warranty to assert their confidence in their own product’s quality. These three pillars of product support offer a virtually risk-free ability to try out Leesa’s mattresses first hand—for anyone!


Leesa’s memory foam mattress ships for free in a box small enough to arrive via UPS or FedEx!

Overall Impression of Leesa Foam Mattresses

There are a lot of mattresses on the market today that talk a big game when it comes to quality and price. It seems like new mattress companies are popping up on nearly every corner of every town, all across the United States. While these newer mattress brands may be popping up like weeds, Leesa has been around from the start—serving as an early pioneer in the creation of a more affordable and higher-quality product available for consumers. Their attention to detail and powerful product support make them a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their current mattress without paying the extreme markups seen among products in local stores. This mattress is recommended for those that generally prefer a firmer sleep but is also suitable for side sleepers as well. Overall, we can only find good things to say about this mattress!