Lantern Chandeliers: 10+ Elegant Lights to Buy For Dining Rooms

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/01/2021

With so many different types of designs, finding the perfect chandelier can be a tough decision – luckily, our inspiration board has a range of modern and elegant ideas to inspire your dining room.

While some might think of chandeliers as overly lavish for the typical home, this is often a misguided assumption that is quickly reverted. In recent years, rising popularity in chandeliers has seen a resurgence in contemporary designs that are the perfect companion to almost any dining, sitting, or entertainment room.

With various materials like glass, aluminum, matte metals, and even wood, almost any setting can benefit from the elegance that an ornately designed chandelier can provide.

What To Look For In A Chandelier

When searching for a chandelier, it’s essential to consider your dining room’s makeup and how you want your light fixture to be perceived. If your home uses lighter elements of wood, metal finishes, or granite, it will make sense to look for an ornately designed piece that uses thin metal finishings, glass, or light matte metal. If your dining room has warmer materials, textures, and darker colors, a darker metal finish would be your best bet or something slightly heavier that provides a robust and eye-catching presence.

Note: If you’re wondering how to install your chandelier check out this DIY guide.

The Woodley

rustic wood and metal farmhouse chandelier

With a robust base forged in antique iron, this weather-oak design is the perfect counterpart to a relaxed dining room infused with natural sunlight and neutral colors. This rustic four-light chandelier provides the perfect mix of geometric form and delicate visual space, ensuring that it can serve as the center point of any dining room while remaining discreet enough to blend in. If your intention is a low-maintenance design that will age effortlessly, this wood-inspired fitting is the perfect solution for your dining room.

The Birdhouse

ornate birdcage chandelier

A light, open, and structured design makes this birdcage-shaped chandelier the perfect addition to any modern dining room. Cascading light fixtures with a crystal finish add a delicate touch, as the solid naked metal frame adds light to contrast against any ceiling setting. The rich black finish provides just the right amount of color to enunciate the delicately placed light fittings, while the extended shape provides a strong presence that is eye-catching yet tactful.

The Open Matte Metal

open frame cage chandelier

This five-bulb, open-cage framework is the perfect companion to any openly designed dining room that benefits from an avant-garde style. The secure but light frame holds and distributes light from all five bulbs elegantly, while still giving the visual impression that the chassis takes up more space than it appears to.

This linear black and brass chandelier would sit beautifully above an antiquely designed oak table, or even one constructed of more robust materials like granite or metal. If desired, conventional bulbs can be swapped out with filament-type bulbs to exaggerate this unique style even more.

The Sphere

antique brass & black sphere chandelier

A contemporary, modern design, this black and bronze chandelier uses intersecting rings to create a delicately guarded cage for the light fixtures within it. A rustic iron base is beautifully paired with French gold and antique brass accents, creating a delicate backdrop for the warm bulb that comprises its makeup. Given its unique but complimentary shape, this design can be paired with identical chandeliers at different distances and heights to create a unique feature that demands attention from any room’s occupants.

The Illusion

modern farmhouse illusion style chandelier

With a wrought geometric design that uses intersecting matte-metal bars, this modern farmhouse chandelier provides an illusory effect that intrigues and leaves a lasting impression on any who witnesses its unique style. With three asymmetrical bulbs, this chandelier places more emphasis on the visual space that it occupies. Bright, vintage filament bulbs can be placed at the center to create a cascading light effect that spills outside the frame. This design would sit well in dining rooms with both light or dark decor, as the minimalist and naked frame provide a pleasant design that works well in any dining room setting.

Drum Chandeliers

drum chandelier with crystal accents

With a heftier, bolder design, this drum chandelier is mostly considered the traditional shape for a candelabra. The unique cascading crystal decorations sit securely within a round, drum-type frame that uses a delicate metal lattice to exude light in a way that will delicately color any dining room. Because of its unique design and makeup, this particular style will sit as a statement piece. Therefore, it shouldn’t be installed if you’re not betting on at least getting a compliment every time a new person visits your dining room.

Conventional Candelbra

Classic candelabra chandelier

Flaunting a more traditional style, this candelabra chandelier represents the quintessential design principles that have been used to inspire most antique chandeliers. It exhibits a single hub with six outgoing arms, which are concluded with ornately designed light fixtures bright enough to lighten any dining room. It features a distressed, off-white farmhouse style design and the perfect combination of real wood and iron. The bases imitate traditional candlestick to create a french country style that adds a touch of delicacy to the chandelier.

The Overhang

woven overhang chandelier

With an intricate woven frame, the airy style of the Saddlehorn chandelier inspires a visual design akin to that of a delicate, dome-like assembly. It uses a single bulb installation to draw attention to its unique makeup while emitting an intense light from the center. With a unique, striking and neutral design, this chandelier would fit well in almost any dining room, regardless of the surrounding textures. Its arrangement is dainty yet bold and is reminiscent of a skeletal-like structure that adds a degree of modernity into any setting in which it’s placed.

Light In A Bottle

bottle style pendant chandelier

While still using the conventional chandelier-type base, this three-light pendant-style fitting takes advantage of a rustic-looking design and makeup that boasts a concrete wood ceiling and light, single-hanging bulbs. Paired with different glass bottles, vintage filament bulbs would pair perfectly with this style of chandelier. The result is a light arrangement that does not shy away from brightening up any dining room. Additionally, the minimalist design is eye-catching enough to inspire some interesting glances but not so overbearing that it will take over any dining room experience.

Contemporary Candelabra

modern candelabra style chandelier

With a naked-frame design that occupies a lot of visual space, this contemporary chandelier makes use of a traditional design that’s modernized with slim metal arms and delicate light fixtures. This chandelier is the modern solution to old-school candelabra sets without the conventional sturdy center-post and delicate metal finishings. The eight-bulb lattice is more than enough to illuminate significantly any dining room, which will ensure significant periods of entertainment for you and your guests.

The Ornate

ornate shell chandelier

It makes sense to save the most extravagant for last, precisely what this chandelier and light arrangement promises. Comprised of a series of cascading seashells that act to house the internal light fixtures, this chandelier makes use of an over-the-top design that is uniquely elegant and pleasing to the eye. Given its size and appearance, this light fitting is bound to be the center of attention in almost any dining room – especially if there’s nothing around to offset its striking design! Because of this, this chandelier would be beautifully paired with a minimalist home that makes use of simple furniture and neutral colors.

Final Thoughts About Dining Room Chandelier Types

Shopping for a chandelier is no longer what it is to be, as there is now a range of elegantly designed fixtures that suit a range of dining room decors and setups. Given the visual impact chandeliers have on any room design, it’s generally worth the effort to find a good one.

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or something a little more relaxed, there is something for every room if you take the time to determine what type of design contrasts nicely with your home’s design. Check out our list of the best online furniture websites to get an idea of where to start shopping for your chandelier!