Ideas for Refreshing your Space

Posted In Design - 03/25/2020

As nations of people pull back from their hectic lives in light of the worldwide novel coronavirus pandemic, they turn inward to stay safe and healthy. Billions of people anticipate spending more time at home. This is the perfect time to refresh your space to brighten your day and lift your mood. You don’t have to start from scratch; it won’t take much to give your room a facelift. Here are some ideas of easily implementable updates that will have you falling back in love with your home.

Vintage Accents

Add some depth and character to your room with some authentic vintage accents.  If you don’t have family heirlooms passed down from Great Aunt Mildred, search antique fairs and consignment shops for accents that will give your home a unique patina.  If scouring the markets isn’t your style, many online and main street retailers offer a robust assortment of faux antique furnishings.  Fabulous distressed area rugs feel like a family treasure, yet come in a variety of updated hues.  Decor with a time-worn feel creates special moments in your room.

Mid-Century Touches

This is the style that continues to gain momentum, mid-century modern incorporates simple lines with an open feel.  Embracing the craftsmanship and creativity of the mid-20th century it incorporates a lot of bent wood, flared legs, and mixed materials.  Add a Eames inspired chair to your room or pick up a coffee table with hairpin legs.

Industrial Intrigue

Give your room an edgy, industrial feel with a new piece or two like an accent cabinet, console table or lamps that embrace this style. Incorporating multiple materials like rustic wood and aged iron, this style adds depth and allure to your room.

Modern Farmhouse

Are you starting to feel like your modern home, while lovely, is lacking warmth? It is easy to warm things up by taking your bright white space and adding fresh details like jelly jars and lanterns, warm brown or gray wood elements pop against a white and neutral palette and create a warm, welcoming space.

Floral Flourishes

Bring spring into your space a little early with floral touches. Trending this year are big, bold floral patterns so you’ll find plenty of options for adding botanical beauty to your room. Whether you pick up an accent chair, area rug, wall décor or vase of flowers, this blossoming trend can be soothing or vibrant.

Textured Comfort

Adding lush textures to your room adds dimension to your decor while creating an inviting feel.  A plush and fuzzy rug makes you want to sink in to a space.  Poufs, pillows and throws are easy additions that help envelope the family in comfort.

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