Home Office Upgrade - Finding the Perfect Desk Chair

Posted In Design - 05/29/2020

Outfitting your home office is a delicate balance between form and function. As you consider your choices, think about how often you will use the desk chair. Reflect on the duration of use each day as well as what type of work you will be doing. Additionally, look at the room the office chair will be in and how prominently it is displayed in that room.

Form Over Function

If you won’t be spending long stretches of time seated then you have more flexibility on the look of your chair. For instance, if you have a particularly formal home and use your home office in frequently or for short durations, you could select a stationary armchair similar to a dining chair or a rolling model with stately lines.  In an industrial or cottage chic space, a simple metal chair works well with the décor. For short bursts of time, ergonomics become less important.

Executive Office Chairs

An elegant addition to a formal room, executive office chairs offer exceptional comfort with an upscale look.  They tend to have roomy seats and high backs.  Constructed from premium materials and upholstered in leather and high end fabrics. The styling is usually formal and designed for more stationary use. With all of the upgrades, executive chairs often have a slightly higher price tag than other office chairs.

Function First

For those who will be seated for many hours during the day, ergonomics become crucial.  Look for seats that include lumbar support and offer the maximum in adjustability.  Height adjustments are the most common, which will help keep your body at the correct height for your desk working surface.  Some chairs also allow you to adjust the arm height and back height for optimal comfort.   Ergonomic office chairs tend to have a modern look but a savvy shopper can find options with more traditional lines and fabrics for a more classic or formal feel.

Task and Desk Chairs

Task chairs often have an armless design. These chairs offer comfort and adjustable features for sustained use. Computer chairs and manager chairs typically have arms and many points of adjustment. Offered in leather, faux leather, fabric and mesh these chairs offer comfort and support over longer durations of use. Mesh desk chairs offer a flexible surface that is also extremely breathable, adding to your day-long comfort.

When designing your home work space, be sure to balance how your chair will be used with how it looks and functions. Whether you are going for a sleek modern look or a classic timeless feel there are plenty of beautiful options to choose from. Be sure to consider how much time you’ll spend in your new seat as well as what type of work you’ll do while in it to so that you’ll love the feel of your new seat as much as you enjoy the looks of it.

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