Home Decor Trends to Watch For

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/24/2021

2020 is the start of a new decade, and perhaps you are among those who want to build or buy their dream house. While investing in a new home can be exciting, there are significant details you may not want to ignore. One, for example, is the furnishing of the house.

You may want your dream house to look almost perfect, with every corner carefully planned out. Though you have your preferences, you may also want everything inside it to be on-trend. You may want to consider something that is trendy yet still has a prominent touch of what you want.

Yet still, choosing the appropriate look for your house might be challenging since trends continuously change. It would be best if you went for something that you like, whether it’s the most enviable design or not. But to give you some design ideas you may want to incorporate to your liking, here are home decor trends to look out for.

Natural Elements


From technically-oriented decor trends in the past, this trend is moving to natural elements. Wood, stone, copper and other natural materials would be utilized more often. Lighter colors are additional elements that can bring a serene and fresh ambiance to your home.

If you are going for a natural kind of furnish, shades of brown, cream, green, and oranges would be the perfect color scheme. Another element you can add is real or artificial plants, which can improve your home’s atmosphere.

The goal of natural design is to give your home a warmer and fresher look. It is most suitable if you want something that could make you feel calm and at peace. Take the kitchen design above for example the natural materials help create a warm, inviting design that accommodates family gatherings and home-cooked meals!

Traditional Detailing


Since design trends come and go in different seasons, it’s no wonder that traditional detailing is on-trend again for home decors. Classic style never gets old because of its soft accents that could go well even in modern times.

Oil paintings, table lamps, old globe and other vintage items you can find from any thrift shop can be used as striking ornaments if you would go for traditional detailing. However, everything doesn’t need to be vintage because the new trend is incorporating classic pieces with contemporary accessories.

If you like the idea of these traditional accents, you can also opt for shades of blue. Navy blue, specifically, can provide the perfect amount of contrast between traditional and modern home styles. Traditional detailing will be a good choice if you want something elegant in your background.

Multifunctional Furniture


Functionality is one aspect of home designs that most homeowners want to achieve. Fortunately, the trend for multifunctional furniture is coming back. If you prefer your dream house to look more spacious, this would be the most convenient option.

There are increasing choices for furniture with more utilities. You can opt for flexible chairs that would be used both for seating and storing. With multifunctional furniture, you can reduce the items needed to complete your home. A convertible bed that can be transformed into a sofa can help you save costs while also providing comfort.

If you prefer functionality and convenience without compromising the interiors of your dream house, multifunctional furniture might be worth your investment. With vibrant ornaments, it could make your home more unique and appealing.

Bold Colors


An all-white kitchen had been a trend over the years. Kitchens and other rooms would be more bright and lively as homeowners would shift to spaces with more colors. If you want an organic yet modern styling for your kitchen, you can make use of wood or dark tones for cabinets and match them with light countertops and brass hardware. The key here is to innovate your color that would provide an airy vibe for your kitchen.

Bright and bold colors create a strong sense of energy and vibrance. They’re great for active rooms such as kitchens, home offices, and living rooms (depending on typically room use.) The home office design above demonstrates how bold colors can be used on walls, large furniture, and even accent pieces to make a statement. Colors such as reds, oranges, and yellows create a sense of active energy while blues, greens, and purples cultivate relaxation.

Artisinal Fixtures


As more homeowners are looking for something unique to fill their homes, artisanal fixtures are becoming a trend. Whether it’s a customized bathroom mirror frame or handcrafted lighting, they can create an inviting feel to your home. With artisanal fixtures, you can personalize your dream house better.

You can feature these artisanal fixtures as lighting schemes for every room of your house. The eye might not be naturally drawn to the place without the lighting. But with artisan chandeliers, pendants, and lamps, you can add more character to your home.

Many artisans use natural materials like wood and stones to create handcrafted lighting. Thus, you can still retain your home’s natural look despite the effects of too many lights.

Eclectic Style


A combination of interior styles from different eras and movements is another trend. If you want something daring for your dream house, this might be the right design for you. Eclectic style is about giving harmony to unlike designs, varying patterns, and contrasting colors.

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Final Thoughts About Design Trends

These home decor trends should only serve as a guide. The decision of what your dream house would look like is entirely up to you. You don’t have to compromise your preferences over what is considered on-trend nowadays. There is nothing wrong with being trendy, but it wouldn’t also hurt if you follow what you want, even if it’s not in fashion. After all, it’s your dream house, and you might already have a picture of it in your mind.