Getting Organized: Bathroom

Posted In Knowledge - 06/25/2018

Keep extra towels handy. Organize soaps and lotions. Contain toiletries. Making the most of the space in your bathroom might mean thinking outside the “bath” to add functional storage to give it a spa-like feel.

Because bathrooms tend to be cramped quarters, pieces with an open feel work well by occupying less visual space. Look for light-colored furnishings, open shelved bookcases or glass-front cabinets.

For the tightest of spaces, a corner cabinet or soft-sided baskets that can tuck under a pedestal sink or small table can be handy.

If your bath lacks character, add a pop of personality with an accent cabinet, accent table or stool that makes a statement.

A plush bath mat adds style while catching drips from the shower and cushioning bare feet. A strategically placed silk plant adds ambiance without the worry of adequate sunlight or watering.

And while you are busy prettying things up, don’t forget your walls. A mirror with a stunning frame or appropriately sized wall art can add just the right finishing touch.

To read more about organizing your bathroom, see our related article Organizing a Bathroom Vanity.

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