Fall Pantone Trends in Furniture

Posted In Design - 08/01/2016

Pantone Color Descriptions

Riverside – With the calming color of Riverside, you’ll be sure to make your room a sanctuary. Add a sofa to make your room an escape after a long day.Spicy Mustard – A pop of color is necessary for any room. A Spicy Mustard armchair can give off a sense of class while maintaining a modern feel.Airy Blue – With Airy Blue, your home will gain a sense of lightness and freedom. Fill any room with serenity when you add accents of this soft color.Warm Taupe – Warm Taupe isn’t only pleasing to the eye, but it adds a feeling of stability to your home. A sofa in this timeless shade is perfect for a sophisticated home.Bodacious – Bodacious is that bold color you’d use in a room to make a statement. Incorporating this in vibrant color combinations says that you’re not afraid to try something different.Sharkskin – For a neutral shade with a modern spin, look to Sharkskin. This color goes with any fall color, and has a sleek, classic tone.Potter’s Clay – Potter’s Clay is a shade with a strong foundation. This earth tone would look outstanding on throw pillows with other fall colors.Aurora Red – Aurora Red is warm, sensual and pleasing to the eye. Add a rug of this shade in a room that needs a little more warmth.Dusty Cedar – This dustier rose-toned pink adds warmth to the room without being too bold. Add accents of this to give off the feeling of being welcomed into a room.Lush Meadow – To add elegance throughout the home, try Lush Meadow. This shade is rich and sophisticated; accents of this will elevate the class of any room.

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