Eclectic Style and Decor for Your Home

Posted In Design - 10/16/2019

A Stylish Jumble

Eclectic home decor layers contrasting textures, shapes, styles, and colors to create a sophisticated arrangement. Nothing matches, yet the decorator's expert curation unites every piece as if by magic. While it may seem like design voodoo, achieving this look is much simpler than you might think.

Far from daunting, eclectic style is playful and encourages coloring outside the lines. These spaces allow the freedom to combine favorite pieces, ignore the conventions, and express your one-of-a-kind tastes. Swap out pieces as the whim takes you, or create a unique fusion of old and new. To help you start experimenting with eclectic decor, check out our insider tips.

Choosing Eclectic Furniture like a Decorator

One definition of eclectic home decor is disparate elements in a purposeful design. You might also call it controlled chaos. Either way, the idea of intentional choosing is key to eclecticism. Although the pairing of a farmhouse table with clear lucite chairs may seem random at first, a closer look will reveal careful thought and planning.

One Common Thread

To make a collection of items stylish rather than scattered, select one element to unite them. Try returning to the same accent color across the room or repeating one shape in the furniture and accessories. Design style is another option to unify your space. Whether you use pops of red or recurring rectangles, make sure your eclectic decor carries at least one common motif.


When mixing eclectic furniture instead of buying a set, ensuring functionality falls to you. For example, a dining room package offers chairs of equal heights that slide under the coordinating table. As you combine flea market seats with heirloom armchairs and a brand new table, a measuring tape will be your best friend.

To avoid struggling to reach the coffee table from a too-low couch or seating guests at different eye-levels, check and compare dimensions as you shop. Search for seats of the same heights along with furniture that allows for comfort and easy movement.


Eclectic rooms blend furnishings in novel ways, but it's still vital to balance the room. Distribute tall, dark-colored, or heavy items evenly to prevent a lopsided feel. To create this effect, try balancing an ornate, classic headboard with a contemporary, black end-of-bed bench. Even if they're in different styles, gold end tables of a similar size and shape neatly bookend a sofa.

Perfecting Eclectic Arrangements

Eclectic home decor celebrates the unexpected. As such, a combination of hues, textures, prints, styles, and shapes is a must. Putting the right decorations together gives the whole space a harmonious vibe and highlights the beauty of each piece through interesting contrasts.


Though eclectic decor includes many colors, having a palette in mind helps to create a cohesive room. For an easy starting point, begin with one neutral and one accent hue as the foundation of the color scheme. You can always add to the palette as you go, but your core hues should repeat throughout the space.

Anchor an eclectic palette by drawing your color scheme from an area rug or piece of wall art. For example, even surrounded by orange decor, a blue chair seems like an intentional choice when paired with a rug in navy, terracotta, and beige.


An eclectic feel can also come from finishes and fabrics. Go for a mix of smooth and rough or soft and hard in your furnishings. Try a marble cocktail table with wooden end tables, or hang a metal pendant lamp above a distressed leather armchair. Sleek satin and plush velvet pillows lend visual variety to a woven linen couch.


Eclectic decor gives you the chance to experiment with patterns, too. The interplay between simple and complex prints or large and small patterns creates fun contrast and a chic, designer look.

Want to try layering rugs in the living room? With a blue and pink color scheme to tie them together, classic rugs featuring a delicate floral motif and modern ones sporting a bold hexagon print can coordinate beautifully.


Eclectic furniture arrangements use decor from many aesthetics, cultures, and eras. World travelers may enjoy showcasing their global tastes with a carved Indian cabinet and a hand-tufted Persian rug. Some eclectic furniture combines several styles in one piece, such as a classic mirrored console on tropical, bamboo-inspired legs.


To ensure all your furnishings blend well, finding both similarities and differences is vital. Shape is a subtle method to unify an eclectic design. With their curvy lines and sleek silhouettes, an Art Deco coffee table and a mid-century modern armchair go together without needing to match. To marry different shapes, try adding a round mirror to a gallery wall full of square frames.

An Edited Ensemble

Although variety and contrast define eclectic style, avoid the urge to overcrowd. Because there's so much going on in these rooms, the eye needs a place to rest. Consider leaving a few shelves of the bookcase empty or planning negative space into your design. Narrowing down accessories lets your favorite decorations shine.

An eclectic-style interior is the perfect choice to indulge your inner rulebreaker and free your imagination to explore what's possible. Choose the combinations that represent your personality for a truly unique look. With these design tips and a little confidence, you'll be well on your way to decorating an intriguing eclectic home.

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