7 Drawing Room Ideas to Impress your Guests

Posted In Tips & Trends - 06/02/2021

Drawing rooms originate from the large European “withdrawing rooms” that date back to the 16th century. These rooms initially served as glamorous welcoming areas for guests before moving on to the main activity.

The easiest way to recognize a drawing-room from a living room is by its location within a house. Architects generally situate drawing rooms near the entrance and close to the front door, so guests can intuitively reach them.

What is a Drawing Room?

Drawing rooms are (in a strictly architectural sense) spaces designed to receive and accommodate guests on social visits. New trends in home planning conceive drawing rooms as areas that can serve different functions depending on your needs and wants.

Drawing rooms can turn into ample entertainment rooms, perfect for hosting parties and steering guests away from bedrooms or sensitive storage areas. They can also transform into small home cinemas to enjoy movies with friends and family. Some millennials have even turned their drawing rooms into gaming rooms capable of hosting console tournaments with close friends!

Thankfully there are many ways to turn your drawing room into a place that resonates with you and your guests. Here are some of our favorite drawing rooms you can draw inspiration from as you build or decorate your own home. 

The Rellion Homes Traditional Drawing Room


Rellion Homes is a design & build company that focuses on developing residential projects. The picture above showcases a classical drawing room of one of their Costa Mesa Residence. This house features a new traditional interior design theme, in which negative space and a uniform color palette project an elegant atmosphere.

The Costa Mesa Drawing Room purposely avoids TV stands and makes the ethanol fireplace, transitional accent chairs, and an upholstered ottoman the room’s focal point. The result is a gorgeous drawing-room, filled with a soothing atmosphere that invites you to share memorable times with your close friends by the fireplace.

A Modern Drawing Room by Texas Construction Co.


Texas Construction Company
 specializes in high-quality renovations and new constructions in the city of Austin. Their Lafayette Residence project features warm and natural spaces that beautifully match the property’s modern interior design.

By situating the drawing-room within an open floor plan, guests and family can seamlessly enter the dining room without skipping a beat. The lack of separating walls denies any feeling of the enclosure as if the house itself was greeting you with open arms.

Suite Drawing Room from Kennedy Construction


Kennedy Construction
is a Vancouver-based homebuilder with more than two decades of experience in renovating homes and creating gorgeous custom builds for its clients. For this project, their team masterfully remodeled this drawing room to accommodate and entertain guests with elegance.

This contemporary drawing room performs multiple functions: it can seamlessly welcome guests or serve as an ideal reading and relaxation area. The leathered living room furniture set, as well as the framed TV and embedded fireplace, turn this drawing-room into a cozy entertainment center for guests.

Contemporary Drawing Room from Morph Interior Ltd.


Morph Ltd. specializes in furniture and home space designs. Their talented team of designers transformed a Grade II listed apartment in Kensington (London) into a deliciously glamorous drawing room.

Honoring 19th drawing rooms, Morph Interior curators beautifully contrasted this house’s classic architecture with a contemporary decorating approach. Notice the dynamic combination of colors provided by paintings and modern-styled coffee tables and art-deco-inspired metallic decorations.

Eclectic Drawing Room by InStyle Direct


InStyle Direct
is a one-stop furnishings service dedicated to landlords, property developers, and homeowners. Their highly talented team has a passion for presentation and pushing the boundaries of interior design styles.

In this London Project, wooden tiles and a neutral palette set the room’s elegant yet cozy theme. The comfy eclectic furniture creates a delicate contrast that invites you to sit back and have night-long conversations over drinks and good music.

Asian Styled Drawing Room from Rebecca Hughes Interiors


Rebecca Hughes Interiors
is an interior design studio that provides end-to-end specialist interior design services. Their team is driven, creative, and very prolific in creating home spaces that uniquely embody peace and awaken inspiration.

Using detailed freehand sketches, they brought their client’s vision to life in this Asian-styled drawing-room. You’ll notice on the picture above an interesting mix of colors and textures, merging history and modernity within an ample space. This drawing room is perfectly fit for greeting guests and quietly impressing them over a cup of tea.

The Vaulted Ceiling Drawing Room from WN Interiors


WN Interiors consist of a select, highly dedicated team of UK-based designers led by Sarah Woadden. Their team gives us an original take of a residential drawing-room by using sunroom scenery in full farmhouse style.

This area received warm, gentle sunlight during the day and offers a thought-provoking look at the night sky, and its endless stars, during the evening. The sunroom’s vaulted ceiling and relaxed atmosphere naturally draw you into a place that seems immune to time’s march.

Final Thoughts About Drawing Rooms

Drawing rooms are the perfect place to create powerful first impressions and life-long friendships. They’re essentially a blank canvas that allows you to project your soul’s nature and interests to your guests in a very subtle way. As such, drawing rooms evolve and adapt to society and who we are as individuals. We hope these drawing room ideas and the talented teams responsible for their design inspired you to fill out your canvas!