Decorating with Mirrors

Posted In Design - 10/27/2016

Mirrors can be a fabulous addition to virtually any room around your home. They are a classic and often inexpensive way to enhance a space, here are some of the many reasons we love them:

Add brightness and light – Mirrors will enhance the brightness in any space by reflecting the light in the room. By placing them where they can reflect windows or light fixtures you’ll add instant illumination to your room. Hallways and other spaces that lack their own natural light source are no-brainers for mirrors.

Reflect a view or repeat colors or patterns on neighboring walls – When placed on walls adjacent or across from a window with a view or a favorite piece of art, a mirror can make the most of what you love by filling the room with a duplicate of that beauty.

Large mirrors add depth and dimension to a space – By extending your focal point past the wall, a mirror immediately opens up the space. This is particularly true if you utilize a large mirror because you will have a broader unbroken view. Designers especially like to use big mirrors in small rooms to instantly add square footage.

Large framed mirrors create a dramatic effect – Tall standing mirrors that lean against the wall can add elegance and drama to a room. Gone are the days where these types of mirrors were only for dressing areas, designers add floor mirrors that are about ¾ the ceiling height to dining and living areas to create both grand and minimalist effects.

A window you can move – It is tempting to hang these movable windows in any empty location around your house; however, designers caution - hang a mirror with purpose. Step back and look at what it is reflecting. Here’s a trick for a bad view dilemma -- if you have a perfect spot for a mirror but you don’t like the “view” that it reflects, angle the mirror slightly so that you just get light reflected or that the reflection works better.

You don't want to have a mirror that just reflects clutter or a vent cover.

Smaller mirrors can be grouped like works of art – Cluster randomly sized and framed mirrors gallery style for eclectic collectors look, or arrange a series of matching mirrors side-by-side for a more refined and orderly approach.

Final check – Mirrors are especially welcome in entryways. Here they will serve the purpose of a last spot to check your appearance before you head out for the day.

Not just for walls – you can find tables and accent cabinets with mirrored faces, or curios and display cabinets with mirrored backs. Interestingly, you’ll find that mirrored surfaces have the almost magical ability to make the furniture they are on virtually disappear, meaning you can add storage space in a room without visual weight.

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