Decorating Ideas for a Spare Room/Guest Room

Posted In Design - 09/22/2017

Many people can't figure out exactly what to do with spare rooms. They're occasionally used for guests, but most of the time they're empty and underutilized. Why not make use of the space and give guest rooms additional function when they're not being used by visitors?

Colorful Guest Room Decorating Ideas

When decorating the guest room, start with a color scheme. Oftentimes, inviting whites, creams, beiges, and grays are great predominant colors. Use these for major room elements such as the walls, headboards, dressers, and tables. Bedsheets, lampshades and curtains can be used to add pops of color. Go with steely blues and greens or be adventurous with vibrant highlights in orange and red.

Guest Room Themes

You'll want to choose furniture based on what you'll use the room for when it's not serving overnight guests. For example, parents and grandparents may want their spare bedroom to double as a children's playroom, complete with toy boxes, kid-sized furniture and colorful wall decals. It can be a great way to keep large toys, such as train sets and building blocks, from taking over living rooms and bedrooms. In this type of space, daybeds or sleeper sofas can be used alongside a nightstand and dresser, leaving enough room for play mats and toys.

Many homeowners enjoy arts and crafts, but find that their kitchen tables and living rooms become quickly cluttered while working on projects. In this case, spare bedrooms can double as hobby rooms, perfect for sewing, crocheting, knitting, and any type of paper or woodcraft. Areas like this will benefit from pull-out couches or futons, saving space needed for desks, tables, art equipment and storage.

A great way to give a guest rooms new meaning is to make it double as a home office. Since spare rooms are often quiet spaces, many people find they're an excellent area to get some work done. A sturdy desk and comfortable chair shouldn't get in the way of the guest bed, and if they do, consider getting a daybed to tuck along a far wall.

Time to Transform

You don't want your multi-purpose guest room to become cluttered and cramped, so you'll need to leave empty space for the eye to wander. Make sure that everything in the room has a purpose, and remove things that are just there for storage. Hiding TV or media equipment in a console can help de-clutter. Choosing a desk that will double as a vanity or work areas that fold closed to keep papers and crafts out of the way can also make a big difference. This will decrease clutter and improve room ambiance.

Keep an eye on beautifying the space, a fancy mirror, a few decorative items or some interesting wall art can inject personality into the room and provide inspiration. Add a small plant or fresh flowers to freshen the look. The goal is for your visitors to feel like welcome and cared for. So whether you go for the clean, modern luxury hotel look, or the comfy, cozy bed and breakfast look, the room should feel purposeful designed not like a hodge-podge or an afterthought.

Distributing Space & Furniture

The room doesn't need to be divided in halves, especially if visitors are few and far between. If you are creating a relaxed, minimalist office space, you can give guests the majority of the room to stretch out and feel at home. On the other hand, you can have a desk feature as the focal point, with a bed and nightstand tucked into a single corner. These same principles can be applied to playrooms or hobby spaces.

Modular furniture, and pieces that move or fold easily, are great for these types of rooms. Futons, couches with fold-out beds and suitcase benches can save space without sacrificing function and comfort. Trundle beds often feature convenient storage drawers underneath the frame, which guests can use to keep clothes and other belongings.

Creating Focus

Keeping in mind the main use of the spare room, choose a single piece of furniture around which to build the rest of decor. If it's primarily an office space, consider making a work desk the focal point. Utilize natural light sources, by putting desks and tables near windows. If guests will be in the room often, focus the design around bed, dresser or entertainment center, and ensure there's an adequate amount of open space for movement and traffic flow.

Final Details

To help guests settle in, put trays both on the bed and in the bathroom. Consider coat racks or storage benches as stylish and practical ways to help visitors organize their belongings. Ornamental pillows add personality to guest room decoration, and are good for propping up against while reading. Extra throw blankets, quilts or duvets add warmth to any decor and may provide the pop of color your room is missing. Keeping an eye toward the little details will give your spare room charm and comfort. Visitors may even pick up a few helpful guest room decorating ideas for their own homes.

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